1/30/19 – MRFF Files “Friend of the Court” Amicus Curiae Brief at U.S. Supreme Court, Opposing Bladensburg Cross

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  1. kelly salyers

    shame on any hand that lends itself to the destruction of this. the broken bodies that never made it home rest in spirit together here because the broken hearts of 49 mothers wanted a place to come visit and honor the memory of their beloved. it was never intended to exclude or dishonor any other fallen, but rather to honor the sacrifice their sons made and a place in which they could come to do just that. the only gravestone for those who gave all. LEAVE IT ALONE

  2. Grey One talks sass


    If you want the cross left alone then inclusion is the name of the game. Honor the soldiers who aren’t Christian, that’s all that needs to happen.

    I get the original folks didn’t intend to be exclusive. That said, when the disrespectful stance was made public it was important that either the cross was modified or additional monuments were put in place to honor everyone. That didn’t happen and now we have a monument which honors the few at the expense of the rest.

    How do you, Kelly, see that as fair?

  3. Beth Zion

    Grey One,

    Didn’t your parents teach you that life is never fair, or all is fair in love and “war.”

    Seriously, they can build a Star of David somewhere else in the city and a statue of satan for the atheists.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Beth Zion,

    Thank you for commenting. Your words say more to why the founding fathers arranged the first amendment than any argument I can bring to the table.

    Life is not fair but our government is written to ensure equality for all. Per the Law – something Beth believes is for other people – either all faiths or lack of faith are represented or no religion is represented. Any monument on public land (i.e. paid by taxpayers) must follow the law. No exceptions.

    All’s fair in love or war? Really Beth Zion? You might as well have espoused Might Makes Right, another reason the founding fathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. It’s as if you are a walking talking example of “don’t be like this person”.

  5. G

    Beth Zion, where is your proof that Satan is worship by atheists?

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