MRFF Outraged: Trump Advocates for ‘Bible Literacy Classes’ in US Schools

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  1. Beth Zion

    Ahhh poor MRFF is outraged. Be outraged all you want, gut I guess that is all you can do. I love the idea!

  2. Mark Sebree


    Of course you “love the idea”. You favor ignorance and intolerance. You want to deny equal rights to liberal Christians, non-christians, and atheists and agnostics. You favor forcing your religion onto everyone else.

    Keep in mind that the laws must be applied equally. If you can force others to study your twisted beliefs and proselytize those beliefs to other people’s children in public schools, then other religions have the exact same right to force you to study their beliefs and proselytize their religions to your children/grandchildren in public schools. And no, despite your ignorance on the subject, most public schools do not proselytize any religion, and not teaching any religion is not the promotion of atheism.

    If a base’s public school starts proselytizing for any religion, the MRFF can most certainly do something. They can sue the base and the branch of the military in court to stop the practice since no government at any level in the US can favor or disfavor any religion.

  3. Beth Zion

    This is dealing with public schools not the military, so no MRFF cannot see the schools. Also, these would be elective classes so they would not be mandatory, so cool your jets. I once took a Bible as literature course at a public community college.

  4. RC

    And tell me Beth, do you REALLY think they will stop at them merely being optional electives?


    They will try to make them mandatory. Just another attempt by the christofascists in getting their foot in the door to warp our society to THEIR beliefs.

  5. G

    Wrong Zion, I don’t like it when my tax money is being used to put Bibles in the public schools or at the schools on the military bases? If the Christians don’t like it, too bad.

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