Transgender Navy SEAL calls ‘bulls—‘ on Trump admin saying transgender troops aren’t as lethal or effective

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  1. Beth Zion

    There is no such thing as a transgender, this dude is just deceiving himself, because nobody can change their sex. He will always be choromosomally a male as well as his DNA will always be male. I feel bad for people who go through this because even if they have gone through surgery, many are still as unhappy and depressed before surgery. No amount of hormones or surgery will change who God created you to be.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    So much ignorance in so few words. Beth Zion, Transgender folk are who they are. And for the record, not all are male to female; many are female to male.

    A warrior is a warrior, gender has nothing to do with it. And the ban is just another form of bullying the occupier in the White House is so good at spreading. Find someone his base can hate so they stop looking so closely at him.

    I’ve known far more Transgender folk who are happy once the stop pretending to match the outsides. The best anology I was shown was a can of vegetables labeled peas on the outside but the inside was carrots.

    People are who they are Beth Zion and thankfully your hateful restrictive Dogma no longer defines the laws which govern We The People.

    I don’t write this expecting you to understand my point. It’s been stated in previous posts that you suffer from the inability to grasp such concepts. It’s not your fault after all. You were born that way.

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