1/28/19 – VA Medical Center Immediately Responds to MRFF Demand to Remove Religious Branding of Facility POW/MIA Memorial Table

January 28, 2019

VA Medical Center Immediately Responds to MRFF Demand to Remove Religious Branding of Facility POW/MIA Memorial Table

On January 28, 2019, MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein contacted the administrative staff of the VA Medical Facility located in Manchester, New Hampshire on behalf of 14 veteran clients regarding the unconstitutional placement of a clearly sectarian religious text on the POW/MIA Missing Man Table located in the facility’s entry area.  These MRFF clients, who identified themselves as Christian (9) and Jewish/Muslim/Native American Spiritualist/Atheist/Agnostic (5), correctly noted the constitutionally inappropriate placement of a religious text on the POW/MIA memorial.  However, they all receive their medical care at the Manchester VAMC and feared reprisal, retribution and/or revenge if they tried to complain themselves.   As such, as so many other military veterans in similar situations have done, they contacted MRFF for assistance in resolving this matter.


Within 3 hours of contact by Mikey, the Acting Staff Assistant to the Director of the Manchester VAMC emailed the following confirmation that the religious text would be immediately removed from the memorial display:


I appreciate the phone call this morning concerning our POW/MIA table in the front foyer.  Please know that as a Marine, retired, and now a VA employee I hold this table and its significance close to my heart.   I want you to know that you can inform your clients that the Manchester VAMC has the utmost respect and admiration for all Veterans, regardless of their beliefs.  As such we are going to be removing the Bible from the display to better serve all Veterans. I also would like to thank you for your service to this great nation.


Semper Fidelis,

Corey D. Beem

Acting Staff Assistant to the Director


MRFF has now assisted clients (active duty, veteran, and DoD employee) in removing this special type of implied religious supremacy and divisive unconstitutional sectarian religious branding of POW/MIA Memorial ‘Missing Man Tables’ at many military installations, VA facilities, and other DoD locations.   Of these many instances of MRFF client assistance, the clients aided by MRFF at the following 10 locations have felt comfortable with public disclosure of the resolution of their complaints:

1/28/19 – Manchester, NH VA Medical Center

7/18/18 – Buffalo, NY VA Medical Center

7/17/18 – F.E. Warren AFB

11/3/17 – Denver, CO VA Medical Center

9/16/16 – Eglin AFB, FL Allergy Clinic

4/19/16 – Tobyhanna, PA VA

4/11/16 – Houston, TX VA

4/8/16 – Wright Patterson AFB, OH

4/4/16 – Youngstown, OH VA

2/25/16 – Akron, OH VA

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  1. Kingsol

    Let me get this straight 14 people get to decide for all veterans. I want a meeting with all of you ,any time any place .I will not be alone
    Signed One pissed off

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