2/18/19 – Disinviting Chick-fil-A’s Bullard – A Matter of Constitution and Faith

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  1. Beth Zion

    Well, this ain’t going to happen, the AFA has already said that he will be speaking.

  2. Beth Zion

    Every church that is associated with this organization is theologically heretical and apostate who do not hold to the biblical creeds of the church that would be found in the Apostles Creed! They do not hold that the Word of God is inerrant in its original manuscripts, they are anti-Semitic and anti-israel in that they support the BDS movement, which I would think that being Jewish Mikey would be against, but he has proven over and over again to be a self-hating Jew, along the lines of Sen. Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. They believe in the murder of children by the child slaughterhouse called Planned Parenthood. They also violate the Word of God by ordaining and marrying gays, strictly forbidden in God’s Word, and by which God obliterated homosexuals at Sodom and Gommorah for such sin, and will do the same in the future.

  3. Emily Scopes

    LOL – Every mainline Protestant church is within Biblical standards of justice and right. The very idea YOU, Ms. Zion, can declare who’s heretical and who isn’t shrieks of your own apostasy and delusion. The Bible pushes JUSTICE and EQUALITY of all people, and it’s NOT up to YOU to pick and choose. The Bible is silent on committed same sex marriage and vocal on exploitative relationships such as a thrice married adulterer posing as a leader. It is SILENT on abortion. It is VOCAL on economic justice for the poor. Your slovenly interpretation isn’t scripturally justifiable. Shame on you for promoting a political agenda that is neither Biblical nor Constitutional.

  4. ellen levy

    To religious fanatics: me thinks thou doust protest too much.

  5. jimbo

    Beth Zion is an inquisition waiting to happen

  6. Beth Zion

    I wonder if Mr. Weinstein would want these famous leaders to be dis-invited as well – Dave Thomas(Christian), founder of Wendy’s or Donnie Smith(Christian), CEO of Tyson Foods, or Daniel Amos Founder(Christian) of Aflac, or James Tisch(Jewish) founder of Loews, or Brian Bedford(Catholic) CEO of Frontier Airlines, or Dolly Parton(Christian) founded Dollywood, or JC Penney(Christian) founder of JC Penney stores, and many more mentioned in this article – https://www.businessinsider.com/18-extremely-religious-big-american-companies-2013-6 If Mr. Weinstein would dis-invite any of these from speaking at the NCLS, then it is strickly based upon the fact that they are Christians or Orthodox Jews!

  7. Grey One talks sass

    Ah Beth, deliberately misrepresenting the issue. MRFF and Mikey have no issues with Christians. They have an issue with bigotry and hatred.

    Silly Beth. You need to take the planks out of you face so you can see.

  8. Emily Scopes

    Dear Beth – Dave Thomas is dead. Has been for a number of years. He made almost nothing of his faith, only of his passion for adoption since he had been adopted. I’d suggest that yes, MRFF probably thinks a dead man shouldn’t do a leadership training. Seems sensible, after all.

  9. Robert Bonhoeffer

    Blocked from some schools, Chick-fil-A still thrives on campuses across the country

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