2/19/19 – Two Acclaimed Orgs Support MRFF’s Position to Disinvite Chick-fil-A’s Speaker at USAFA

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1 Comment

  1. Beth Zion

    Wow, you say that Rodney Bullard has no character to speak, first you have an organization of apostate churches and now you have an organization of vagina costume and pussy hat wearing women, wow that really speaks of character there.

    Plus, NOW says that Chick Fil-a has a bad record or women’s rights, what?? My daughter works for Chick Fil-a and the over whelming majority of employees where she works are girls including a Muslim young lady complete with hijab. Both organizations are just so full of poop, and the women of NOW just need to get laid, but women you look like hags and wear pussy’s on your head, what man would want to go near them.

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