Thanks for the help with the VA in Manchester NH display

From: MRFF Armed Forces Veteran Client’s E-Mail Withheld

Subject: Thanks for the help with the VA in Manchester NH display
Date: February 3, 2019 at 7:43:46 AM MST

Dear Sir
I would like to thank MRFF in quickly responding to the request to assist the veterans of New Hampshire with regards to a religious display at our local Manchester, NH VA hospital.  Having served with many fellow Service Members for many years, we all understand and respect each other with regards to their religious preference even if they do not have one.  Being of the Christian faith, I understand that not everyone believes the same as I do and would not want to push my faith on them nor visa versa.  When I noticed the Bible on the POW/MIA table, I knew this would be offensive to some of my fellow Service Members.
Contacting the MRFF was easy yet I was a little concerned about keeping my identity private.  Mikey Weinstein and his staff were discreet and professional in addressing my concern.  I was amazed that in less than a day, the issue had been quickly solved for the benefit of all Service Members who utilize the Manchester VA.  And, the officials at the Manchester VA were also responsive in the inquiry by MRFF which shows the strength and respect MRFF has gained in our society.
(Armed Forces Veteran’s name and related ID information all withheld)

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  1. Robert Jones

    This or these Veterans(?) are Cowards! Have something to say ? Believe in it ? Sign it ? Coward ? Loser ?
    That Bible gave ALL even atheists like You Trust, Hope, peace, comfort feelings getting those individuals through ! You could Not understand , No Character. Nothing to do with Religion amigos ! Has to do with Brotherhood , you’re Out !
    Doc Jones
    Bible Going Backmon Table Buddy !

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Robert Jones,

    The whole reason MRFF exists is because Christians like you just love to rain vengeance upon those you feel don’t worship as you demand. Remaining anonymous allows soldiers to speak truth to power and avoid the retribution folks like you just love to dish out.

    Perhaps if Christian Nationalists stopped shoving their religion where it doesn’t belong that brotherhood you mention will remain unbroken. The fact you don’t understand these facts says much about your inability to think of anyone but yourself.

  3. Piss off pussy

    Fuck you you ignorant , pathetic P.O.Shit….. and you call yourself a Cristian

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