“Trump’s Vaccous Visit to Our Troops” – by MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere

President Trump made his first visit to military personnel stationed in the Middle East in December during his specious government shutdown. He typically touted himself and committed mindless missteps.

Trump improperly promoted his political agenda instead of recognizing our military service members for their dedication, courage and patriotism. It was a taxpayer funded trip to benefit our brave men and women fighting the war on terrorism (not a Trump campaign rally).

Trump falsely claimed that: (1) our troops had not received a pay raise in 10 years (fact – they received pay raises every year for 2 decades); and (2) he raised their pay 10% (fact – Congress raised their pay 2.4%).

Trump carelessly disclosed in a public political posting the identities and location of a stealth US Navy Seal Team on a classified war time mission dangerously exposing them to enemies.

Our military is apolitical by law, regulation, custom and necessity. The military mission is to defend our nation against its enemies (not Trump’s political opponents). The military sworn service oath is to bear true faith and allegiance to our US Constitution (not politician Trump).

Trump, a military service evader during the Vietnam War, would have better served the morale and welfare of our troops by staying in Washington and shutting off his Twitter.

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” – US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf

John Compere
Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)
American Disabled Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Military Religious Freedom Foundation Advisory Board Member

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  1. Could it be that The Awesome Navy Seals volunteered of their own free will – to show their brave faces in a photograph with The President that they personally know whom they can trust ?

    How much information do we know about what proceeded following the visit to the military personnel stationed in the Middle East in December ? The troops could simply be relocated and new men could be assigned for the area – or simply boosting up the security in the area to high alert would ensure their safety..

    The President Of The United States was there in this very place and the highest security protocol was set up long before The President arrived and even after He departed. I believe that the troops were happy to be recognized, photographed and proud to serve such a wonderful country with Donald Trump as their President. And that the military put on its best face and worked even harder with a sense of pride and honor to see that these men and woman were all treated with dignity and honor – and security measures placed to make certain that each of these President’s personal heroes in the Navy were under the full protection of the United States military at all times.

    Thank You, Donald Trump, for taking the time to honor our brave and sacred heroes.

    I believe this great event truly shows the full scope of the full enduring trust that the Military has in this great man. The troops in the movie that was made recording the events show a proud group of brave men and woman who each of them nearly had tears of joy falling down their cheeks as they thanked God Almighty in an act of faith and good conscience – that finally, they have a full eight years to make the military the best that it has been in all of American History. Trump being there – literally made them feel like they were finally on the right track.

  2. G

    @gosupportthe USA. Yeah sure and Trump stated that he had a plan to end the war in Afganistan and guess what we are still there. Same for Iraq.

  3. George

    Vacuous has only one “c”. – Sincerely, A Proofreader

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