2/27/19: TYT INVESTIGATES COVERS MRFF: Manchester VAMC Deceitfully Moves Bible to Shelf A Few Feet Away From POW/MIA Table!

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  1. Christopher Dunn

    I’m a Christian veteran and I don’t know what the problem is with a Bible being on display at the Manchester NH VA hospital. People are too easily offended these days. If there was another religious book or symbol of another religion on display I wouldn’t be offended. We need to start taking care of the other issues in the VA system. We need to start thinking about the medical needs of our veterans. What about the dispicaple conditions of our VA facilities? Did you know New Hampshire is the only state in the country without a full service VA hospital?

  2. Chris

    You are utter trash. They moved the bible to a display case that honors the Veteran who carried that as a sign of his faith and devotion he had for what America stood for in his eys. You are a disgrace and any Veteran who supports this bigotry is a disgrace to the uniform and everything the military is about. Nothing but hateful bigoted traitors scum the whole lot of you.

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