Will it stay or will it go: Should Bible be part of POW/MIA display at VA Hospital?

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  1. Dorothea Martin

    How demeaning can you be? Removing this Bible denegrates the hope and peace that I’m sure gave many POWs. Do you want wipe out all religion from our past? This is what we are as a people, as humanity. The world may not be “Christian”, but religion is everywhere. Historically, this our basis. It is what our hope looked like. Maybe include other means of hope that pows had would be better.
    Just a thought.

  2. at the top of the page it speaks of the american flag as a religious symbol and the constitution as religious scripture. if you feel passionately about these two about what they represent, then you may want to appreciate the founding fathers ideas on following freedom given by GOD, and all natural laws derived from GOD.

  3. Rickey Blagburn

    The American Flag, the Constitution, and patriotism are not religions. Therefore, there IS separation between church and state. Stop trying to inflict the beliefs of a few on the beliefs of many, many more. A bible can reflect many different beliefs, but most importantly faith. Faith that carries you through the toughest of times, such as being a POW. The constitution in context means religious separation from a Church of England or a Church of America which would basically run the country. It does not state that their should be NO religion as many atheists would want. Please believe whatever YOU like but as you think religion infringes on your beliefs, I can tell you that YOU infringe upon mine. Don’t tread on me.

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