3/14/19 – MRFF Exposed Story of U.S. Army Client of Muslim Faith Forced to Remove Hijab Ignites More Mass Media!

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  1. Carl J Gamel

    Her MOS is a cook, but she refused to cook pork products ( ham, bacon, ect), which are part of the main breakfast items in the Army, citing her religion.
    If she can’t preform her job,then she needs to be not promoted, reduced in rank, for being unable to proform duties that required promotion and the reassigned to a different job.
    But reassigning her would not be of any benefit, because she is a dedicated trouble maker, who is dedicated to destroying the American military from within.

  2. Chuck

    Why did she enlist in the United States military to start with? Is she native born American?
    Service members are required to perform all duties assigned, regardless of whether or not they agree with them.
    I am a retired Marine with 23.5 years and I think she should be court martialed for willful refusal to perform her duties. Put in the brig and dishonorable discharge.

  3. Darrell

    To start shit. Their plan has always been to destroy America from within they’re here and they’ve already set in motion their agenda to destroy this country take it over and force their bulshit violent beliefs on us. If you don’t conform you die.. End of subject

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