3/22/19 – MRFF Requests Official Hearing Before United States Commission on Civil Rights

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  1. Robert Bonhoeffer

    Must be a slow day at MRFF that Mikey has to waste the time and tax payer money contacting the United States Commission on Civil Rights just so that he can venerate his anti-Christian hatred one more time.

  2. Mark Sebree


    What “anti-Christian hatred” are you referring to? Over 95% of the MMRF clients are Christian. If he hates Christians so much, why does he help tens of thousands of them?

    Also, it is not a waste of taxpayer money to fight bigotry and persecution, nor is it a waste of tax payer money to force the military to follow the law and regulations. It is, however, a waste of tax payer money to allow theocrats and domionists free rein in the military to oppress and persecute those that do not follow their narrow-minded, ignorant, hateful, intolerant brand of “Christianity” in opposition to the law and regulations.

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