Muslim Soldier Says Command Sergeant Major Forced Her to Remove Hijab: ‘I feel violated’

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1 Comment

  1. McKinley

    Big deal! Taqiyya (kitman), Hudnas, Maruna do not belong in our military nor any place of trust! Learn what Abrogation in the Generous Quran is (The mecca or soft verses are abrogated by the Medina or harsh verses)! JIHAD; 90 SOME ODD PERCENT IS BY THE SWORD YOU EINSTEIN’S! Immigrate, populate, infiltrate then annihilate, they’ve had over a thousand years success doing it! You Sherlock’s! Even A. Shickelgruber Hitler and Joe V. Dzghashvili aka Stalin a Jesuit priest and star pupil from their school in Tbilisi, Georgia allied themselves for awhile! Adolph with the moslems and the Mufti in Jerusalem too! “Oh such horrible violation oh terrible” Didn’t get to wear her scarf! amazing!! I didn’t get to wear my Stetson either, should I sue for the terrible treatment too! Got a bald headed haircut too (the boot camp special too & even had to pay 50 cents for it too! Wow! Terrible!

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