Remember Texas! Remember Foot Hood!

From: (name withheld)
Subject: Remember Texas! Remember Foot Hood!
Date: March 13, 2019 at 3:35:31 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

You leftist freaks at the MFRF get all up to protect towel heads camel jockeys but you don’t lift a damn finger for Christians who built this country.
Now I read that you protect that moslim women at Fort Carson who gets to wear her stupid arab costume?

Maybe you all forgot about Texas and Fort Hood where that sand nigger major hasan shot and killed all those innocent Christian soldiers? There only crime was loving Jesus Christ. Ayrabs can’t stand that.

Well I am a Texan. And my family has been in Texas for almost a hundred years and we do not forget that stuff in Texas! Texas is for liberty and Jesus.
Why don’t you stop helping the arab terrorists in the Army and start helping the Christian soldiers who have to serve with that islam trash?

And you are jew right?
That figures too.


Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member
John Compere

From: John Compere
Subject: Fw: Remember Texas! Remember Foot Hood!
Date: March 13, 2019 at 5:32:21 PM MDT
To: (name & email withheld)

(name withheld),

Your repugnant racist rant reflects only on yourself & reveals a brainless bigot who cannot communicate in a moral & meaningful manner. You & hate-filled hypocrites like you are the reason why moral Americans & Texans reject the insidious intolerance of radical religious racism. The late George H.W. Bush (Texan, military hero, Christian gentleman & American President), wisely warned “Hate corrodes the container it is carried in”. Perhaps you should think about that.

For your information, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is a non-profit constitutional rights organization (composed of over 80% Christians) that represents military members of any religion or belief who request their right to religious freedom, to which all Americans are entitled under the US Constitution (& all Texans are entitled under the Texas Constitution), be respected & protected. We represent over 61,000 military men & women (95% of whom are Christians) who have requested our representation.

I am a 4th generation Texan whose family has been in Texas for more than 100 years. My Texas is for the religious liberty mandated by the American & Texas Constitutions, both of which provide freedom of any religion or no religion for Americans & Texans. Be assured the Eyes of Texas are elsewhere – not upon you.

“There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” – American Philosopher Mark Twain

Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Military Religious Freedom Foundation Advisory Board Member
Texas rancher


Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Mar 14, 2019, at 12:28 AM, Mike  wrote:


Hi Tex,

Foot Hood? I guess spelling isn’t all that important down in Texas where you’re all “for liberty and Jesus” and stuff like that there.

Listen, you gol durn galoot. I’d say you’ve got us all wrong, but you’ve got everything so wrong I’m not sure you can tell the difference. Towel heads and camel jockeys? You’ve got to be putting me on!

Oh, wait a minute. I get it! You’re trying to pretend you’re just a typical stupid bone-head Texan who slurs “jews” and “Ayrabs” and “leftist freaks” and “moslim women” with “stupid arab costumes” to make a point.

Problem is, it’s not clear just what point it is you’re trying to make.

I really don’t think you’re trying to prove that all Texans are brainless clowns. I have in-laws in Texas who are good folks. They can spell and walk upright without dragging their knuckles like I suspect you do. And I can’t believe you’re trying to paint all Christians as narrow-minded bigots, brainless wretches who have no clue about Jesus’ teachings.

So what exactly is your point here, cowpoke? You claim you and your family “been in Texas for almost a hundred years,” which makes you old. One would think at that age you’d know better. Beyond that, you “do not forget” terrible crimes. Well, shucks, Tex, we don’t either. Nor do we use the memory of them to leap to insane conclusions about people and put on robes and hoods and wage unholy war.

Give that some thought. You wouldn’t actually want people to think all Texans were brain-dead cretins who act like mindless, slobbering fools based on your example, would you?

Think it through, Hoppy. Write back when you’ve figured it out. I’ll be awaitin’.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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1 Comment

  1. Marshalldoc

    Mikey shared your rant with me and, while he attended to more urgent matters, I thought I’d reply to you while scrapes your crap off his shoes.

    At first I thought your rant had to be satire… after all, how many misspelled, anti-grammatical, illiterate, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic memes can one pack into a single brief e-mail?

    Then I got the part where you say you’re a Texan and I began to think your e-mail might actually be genuine, after all… Texas; am I right, or am I right?

    Did it ever occur to you that the vast majority of Christians in this country would vomit in disgust at being spoken for by the likes of you?

    You are a christofascist, like Trump and his sTrumpetttes (and a whole lot of ‘Demopublicans’ as well). You have no concept of “liberty” beyond you having the freedom to do whatever your want, whenever you want, and everyone else, regardless of race or creed be damned… kind of like a toddler expects the world to revolve around him.

    You know nothing about liberty and I seriously doubt you’ve read the U.S. Constitution… if you can read. A doubtful prospect in view of what & how you write.

    I hate to rain on your Christian pity party parade but Maj. Hasan did not target Christians… do you think he questioned them before shooting them? Are you insane (sorry, rhetorical question)?

    This just may be beyond your intellectual capabilities but the fact is that Maj. Hasan sought psychiatric treatment for his anger at the Islamophobic abuse he was receiving and the pervasive Islamophobia & white Christian supremacy that pervaded his duty stations for months before he finally snapped. Sadly, his ‘cry for help’ was ignored and a whole lot of folks paid a high price for a case of medical malpractice… I only wish you could have been there.

    More seriously, though, it’s evident you don’t know jack-shit about the MRFF (note the order of the letters… a challenge, I know) since its defense of a bullied Muslim soldier seems to be the only thing you know about it, chew on this: MRFF has >65,000 clients. >95% of them are self-identified Christians and you know what? I don’t think they’d consider you a Christian.

    I hope you have a really shitty day.

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