Dr. Rolf Enger

From: MRFF Client’s E-Mail Address Withheld

Subject: Dr. Rolf Enger
Date: April 20, 2019 at 7:48:09 AM MDT


Mr. Weinstein,

I have been deployed to a combat zone for the last two months and somehow the most disgusted I’ve felt (besides minor food poisoning last week) is finding out that our alma mater’s Director of Education is preaching to cadets about supposed relics. It is (read: it should be) mindblowing that USAFA thought this was appropriate, but the core issue is much more insidious. Dr. Enger has an obligation as a professor and especially as the Director of Education to uphold the highest standards of a military academy, let alone a university. Instead, even without knowing the exact content of his bizarre Arthurian revelations, it is clear he has made a profound misjudgment in violation of the intellectual honesty and restraint required of someone in his position. At any other institution across the US, people would be demanding his resignation on these principles alone. 
What is to be done? Do I write an open letter and form a petition for his resignation? 
I was aware of your work as a cadet and I appreciate what you and the MRFF do for the military and USAFA. You can count on my donation from now on.
(MRFF Client’s name and rank withheld)
USAFA 2012

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