Sick Asshole

From:  (name withheld)
Date: May 10, 2019 at 8:13:42 AM MDT
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Sick Asshole

Headline: Military Religious Freedom Foundation sues to remove Bible from VA hospital

You sick and disgusting ASSHOLE, is this all you have to do? A Bible on display is not forcing religion on anyone. Coming from someone whose forefathers had Jesus crucified, I am not surprised. Apparently, you are full of hate and venom.

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

From: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>
Date: May 10, 2019 at 8:41:04 AM MDT
To: (name withheld)
Subject: Re: Sick Asshole
You know, little cupcake, had you not thrown the old-school antisemitism in there I might’ve been a little civil with you… But you’re nothing more than a pathetic piece of shit would-be pretend thuglet… You and the Nazis have a lot in common you poorly educated, ignorant uneducated entitled little coward…Mikey

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere
On May 10, 2019, at 9:07 AM, John Compere  wrote:

Dear (name withheld),
Your abhorrent anti-Semitic attack on a fellow American & military veteran you do not even know because he was born of a Jewish mother (like Jesus) reflects only on yourself & reveals a malicious moron who cannot communicate in any moral & meaningful manner. Your asinine attempt to project your own hate & venom on others is all too apparent. Also, be advised that pagan Romans executed Jesus.
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation opposes evangelical Christians putting their private religious scripture versions in the middle of public non-religious POW/MIA remembrance displays to publicly proselytize their private religious beliefs for many valid reasons, including the fact that it violates the US Constitution 1st Amendment, US Armed Forces regulations & American law.
“Those who throw dirt only lose ground.” (common childhood colloquialism)
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Advisory Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of over 80% Christians)




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