SLATE: Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans Are Trying to Turn U.S. Into “Far-Right Christian Theocracy”

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    AOC lives rent free in B.B.’s head. All those words in their comment and not one addressed the Slate article.

    She hit BB’s nerves because she’s correct. The GOP bolstered by Christian Nationalists are doing everything to turn the USA into a theocracy.

    The best way to ensure the USA remains secular as the founders intended is to stay alert and vote blue.

    As for BB’s AOC rant… everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Wow! Not only is BB wrong about AOC but they’re wrong about terms too. So much wrong. So little self awareness to make amends.

    I clicked on the link provided – what can I say, I’m a curious soul – only to find a level of Orwellian double-speak that was almost masterful while at the same time painful to read. I say almost masterful because if I can see through the gaslighting I hope others will too.

    Since BB is such a simple soul I’ll define Christian Nationalism: any Christian who believes the laws of the USA must be derived from their holy book. To a CN there is no separation of Church and State. All must believe as they do.

    The fact there are many Christian Nationalists in public service right now should scare anyone who doesn’t fit a CN’s narrow view because rights are not for everyone. They exist only for the most faithful.

    The Founding Fathers were clear about combining religion with the power of the state. Over and over this combination has played out in history and it always ends poorly for those governed.

    But folks like BB crave the authoritarian. They need the boot on their neck in order to feel good about themselves. Perhaps those who need such things should explore BDSM? With their culture focused on boundaries and rules of consent CN’s (and BB) might learn about sharing too.

    See – I’m sassy about win/win scenarios.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    BB and their Christian Nationalist compatriots will not rest until the USA is a theocracy. Folks like BB pretend they have superior motives, and I would believe them if not for the myriad politicians and preachers turned political (violating the Johnson Amendment) who keep saying out loud what was once only whispered in church.

    I’m not afraid of these Christian Nationalists. No, not at all. Instead I’m angry. Angry that they’ve learned nothing from history. Angry that once again those who don’t fit the CN cookie cutter mold have to fight for rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Angry CN’s refuse the basic lessons taught in kindergarten and mentioned more than once by their Messiah in their holy book.

    BB wishes I would be afraid. Too bad for them I’m not.

    American Thinker? Really BB? Please stop suggesting your Orwellian doublespeak websites for they are an affront to all free thinking people.

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