BareNakedislam (WARNING: Islamophobic Website): DISGRACEFUL! U.S. Army War College caves to designated terrorist group CAIR’s demand…

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WARNING: Bare Naked Islam is an Islamophobic website according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)


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  1. Red

    The term islamophobic is over used and misused. Plus the use of the term actually does not apply. There is a difference between phobia and dislike, please discover that difference. One may dislike pizza but not hold an irrational fear of it.

    Persons are allowed to reject religons, in part or completely. Islam is but one of many religions and when rejected my suggestion would be those who have issue, to move on rather than attempt to insult in ignorance.

    Do not be shocked when islam is rejected. Its normal.

  2. MarieElena

    If being concerned over a false radicalized teaching of terror and submission under a hostile anti-God regime is Phobia in your eyes, so be it; I am afraid.

  3. Karl Meyer

    Whomever wrote this sucks Muslim cocks.

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