KPFK’s David Feldman Precisely Explains: WHY MRFF

Published On: June 5, 2019|Categories: News|2 Comments|

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  1. jim dyer June 13, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    i haven’t been to the mrff site for quite a while, but i found ted cruz’s letter interesting enough for me to respond to one of the aides listed in the note. here’s what i sent to her (AND, if you post this anywhere, please remove reference to my name/email):

    just read a letter sent to mrff and i’m wondering if ted has ever been in the military. if he believes that there is such a thing as religious freedom in the military (i’ll speak within the context of my experience in the air force during the viet nam era), he’s imagining it. the only religious freedom i experienced was that “you WILL worship god in whatever way you want.” but, NOT worshiping god (whatever god is in vogue now of the 10,000 who’ve come and gone during human history), was definitely not an option. somehow, the military (maybe the country) has concluded that the reason muslims are so effective in proselytizing the world is that their god is stronger and more pervasive than “our’s.” so, the solution is to put christianity on the front burner and fight back with the same sort of nonsense the muslims use. really?

    first, of the military members i knew, the most worthless of them all were in the chaplaincy. they certainly made more and did far less than the rest of us. second, if religions want to be represented in the military, they should do it on their own tax-free dime. it is absurd to think “separation of church and state” even comes close to being applied in the military. it needs to change. i’m sure you and he are joyously religious but some of us are not, nor are we hypnotized by scripts that were pounded into us when we were too young, too vulnerable, too dependent and too unsophisticated to ask questions.

    IF i’d been in a foxhole in those days, i sure as heck would have quickly traded any number of chaplains for even one grunt with a rifle, or a stick.

    so, in conclusion, i for one would be happy to corral religious activity in chapels where true believers can go of their own free will. for them, it should be a win-win and for others who are thinking more rationally, at least we wouldn’t have to listen to the ramblings of discussions with imagined deities. anybody who believes in “the” God has to be wondering why he’d prematurely end the lives of over 100,000 americans in three months, leaving others to wade through the emotional chaos.

    most of us (ted for sure) are too old to change much, but given the state of the country these days, a little more thinking and a little less mumbling (on our knees in the dark) might prove to be more effective.


  2. Timothy B. Chisholm October 2, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    Nicely put.

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