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On Jun 22, 2019, at 11:20 AM, a MRFF Supporter wrote:


Eeegads! Even now the Supreme Court, with the exception of two brave members, thinks symbols of Christianity are OK in public places – even if paid for and maintained by public money. What’s next, mandatory attendance (and donations) at church for all of us (not just the poor members of the military stuck in Evangelical-led units)? Do you suppose they would have made the same ruling if the religious symbol was raised by Aztec Sun Worshipers instead of Christians?

You’re right to be very concerned. The right-wing Supremes seem to be hell-bent on installing a Fascist regime in the USA. As Sinclair Lewis said, “When  Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” He was right – here it is, marching in – with 7 to 2 approval!

The question is, will the public wake up to this disaster streaming down on us and divert it or will they embrace it? I used to have a great deal of hope for the USA but as my 82 year life wears on my optimism wears away.  I see the oligarchs taking over completely, the populace becoming less educated and more prone to propaganda, the slaves “emancipated” into a new system that gives them a stipend to buy their own food and lodging but little else, the profiteers of war running a “defense” system. Now a Supreme Court that can’t read the Constitution! 

One bright spot in all this pessimism is MRFF and your efforts, Mikey. You have managed to seek and find brave people in the Military that understand the situation and help to prevent the embedded “religious-rascals” from taking over completely.  I appreciate what you do. 


A MRFF Supporter   

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