MRFF’s Important Work

From: Anonymous Active Duty Officer’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: MRFF’s Important Work
Date: June 25, 2019 at 6:10:03 PM MDT
To: “[email protected]” 

Mr. Weinstein,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your fast and helpful response to my question about military medical students receiving scholarships to attend Liberty University, an organization that has denied equal status to military same-sex spouses and whose president openly campaigns against LGBTQ rights. While I was disappointed to learn that there is very little, from a practical perspective, that can be done to prevent it (especially in light of the extremely pro-fundamentalist Christian current Administration),knowing that my concern was shared goes a long way towards making me feel like I am not alone, and feeling alone is the hardest thing to face.

In the military, more than our technology or our equipment it is our sense of togetherness that protects us – the idea of belonging and working together toward a common goal armors us in a way that nothing else can. Unconstitutional, illicit religious expression within the military serves to weaken that belonging while at the same time perversely claiming to strengthen it. It tells the junior sailor who believes differently that he is not welcome; it sends the message to the gay airman that she does not belong, and it does so while claiming to love people and bring them together so long as they agree to a version of command-endorsed, “revealed truth“ that surpasses the laws of men.

Some may say that bible verses in frames on desks or in email signatures are small and therefore inconsequential, but it is not the large defects that sink ships. Instead, it is the accumulation of small cracks, hidden where nobody thinks to look, that lead to catastrophic failure. Every religious tract left out in a command space, every speech by a sectarian chaplain, every invocation of a god or gods creates a deadly crack in that armor of common purpose and gives someone in uniform a reason to see themselves as different from those around them. The result is annihilation of unit cohesion.

So thank you for what you all at the MRFF are doing on behalf of those of us in uniform who feel that duty, honor, and country are entirely sufficient to find common purpose with those around us, and who strive to make all welcome in keeping our nation safe.

Anonymous Active Duty Officer


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