From:  (name withheld) MRFF Supporter
Date: Wed, Jul 3, 2019, 11:25
Subject: Thanks!
To: <[email protected]>



Thanks for all you do! I’ve written to you a couple of times and your support is incredible!
I’m a (age withheld) year old federal civilian working for the US Army (location withheld) in the heart of the Bible belt. I’ve been religion free since the age of 23 – what freedom getting away from the old tryannical invisible white guy in the clouds that tells us if we don’t love and worship him he’ll make us burn forever! You know, the same guy that knocked up a young married Jewish girl and then tells us not to covet thy neighbor’s wife! Seems to be a “Do as I say” kind of guy! At least in North Korea you can die and be free of the “Dear Leader!”
At AMCOM, we often receive a dose of invocation prayer at Town Halls. The Command Chaplain used to close the prayer with, “in Jesus’ name we pray amen.” They’ve changed that to, “in God’s name we pray amen,” still offensive in my books, not because of the words but more that the Command uses this as a tool to bestow, by proxy, God’s power on the Command Leadership. The very nature of the invocation, in any setting, is to establish an oppressive totalitarian relationship between the “Governors” and the governed.
I, without fanfare, quietly sit during the invocation as my form of protest at these “highly encouraged attendance” Command events.
I know many governing bodies use invocations and I feel the same about them all. An invocation is completely unnecessary, unless one is so insecure in their leadership abilities that they feel compelled to add the power of the Supreme Being to their power base.
Anecdotally, during my last deployment to Iraq, I ran into a Major and Lieutenant Colonel that vehemently expressed their view that Muslims pray to a different God. I asked them how many Gods there were and they couldn’t answer, they just knew that their Christian God was “The Right God!” I further pointed out that they were just as Atheist as I am, I just go a couple of Gods further.
Our “Christianized” military, in my opinion, is an existential threat to the good order and discipline of our Armed Forces and their ability to carry out their mission.
When personal beliefs are allowed to permeate the decision making abilities of our military leadership, it weakens the strength of our capabilities.
Invocations are completely unnecessary. We all know the position power of the Commanding General without his appeal to a higher power to assuage his insecurities and legitimize his standing in the organization! It has the opposite effect in my books. It tells me the Commander is less than confident in his abilities to lead, which severely diminishes the synergy and capacity of the organization. From first hand accounts, I know many leaders at AMCOM that truly believe God himself (and he is a he), put them in positions of leadership, it’s part of God’s plan! Very dangerous!
Thanks for all you and the MRFF do Mikey!
It’s very much appreciated!

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