8/19/19 – Group That Bolted Bible to Table at Manchester VA Medical Center Files Motion to Intervene in MRFF Client’s Lawsuit

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Per the article at the New Hampshire Union Leader: ‘Last month, in response to a request from First Liberty to clarify the policies governing such displays, the Department of Veterans Affairs issued updated directives stating that “religious symbols may be included in a passive display in public areas of VA facilities”.’

    So, I’m not a lawyer but that sounds like the DVA said it’s OK for the VA to display any religious symbol – including those which make Christian Nationalists squirm and squeal with sounds of persecution.

    Fine. So folks want the Christian Bible on the POW table? Let’s add a few tomes to balance out the religious representation.

    Off the top of my head I’d say add the Poetic Edda, the Book of Shadows, The Witches Bible Complete, the Qur’an, the TANAKH, the Vedas, the Tripitaka, the Guru Granth Sahib, and a few books of Science to represent those who do not follow a Religious path but one of Facts.

    That table had better be reinforced because that is a lot of books and I know I’ve missed a many folks.

    Or… the Christian Nationalists in New Hampshire and learn to share. They could move their relic from the POW Table to “….a passive display in public areas of VA facilities.”.

    Never gonna happen as I know a secret. Christian Nationalists will never share even though it’s an idea preached by their Lord and Savior. Because it’s not about following what Christ said, it’s about the power. It’s about forcing others to believe as they do because They And Only They have the Absolute and Complete answer for Everyone forever Amen.

    Good luck MRFF. Christian Nationalists don’t play fair. To paraphrase Pastor Joan, I hope you Constitutionalize* their socks off!

    (*Constitutionalize is too a word!!!!)

  2. Juliet Fischer

    Perhaps the religious/secular items that belonged to non-Christian POWs could join that Bible.

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