11/18/19 – MRFF Suspicious of Chick-fil-A’s Latest Claim of Stopping Anti-LGBTQ Funding

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    MRFF has every right to be suspicious of Chick-Fil-A because this is not the first time they’ve tried to distance themselves from extremists. Just like the last time, after facing the ire of the Christian Taliban a Chick-Fil-A spokesperson offered clarifying language as to which organizations will receive funding. The words used let those who’ve dealt with the company before know there isn’t really any change.

    Christian Nationalists, your chicken spite sandwich to make liberals cry is safe, at least until your hatred costs the company money. Then inclusion will the name of the game.

    Isn’t Greed amazing? /s

  2. BioLib

    Inclusion is of Satan. I am glad they have every right to support anti-Sodomite organizations.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Inclusion is of Satan?


    Because I thought your Lord and Savior taught about loving everyone. Which is inclusive

    So you say Satan is inclusive but Jesus practiced inclusiveness so Jesus is Satan?

    BioLib is weird!!!!!!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    BioLib has made comments on other posts but will not respond to my legitimate query.

    Surely there is a set of verses in that book they hold in such regard to answer me?

    Or maybe the fact is I am correct – Jesus taught inclusion and BioLib’s entire understanding of their religion is incorrect. That’s a situation I’ve been in before (my world view and reality crashing hard). Resolving the cognitive dissonance was not easy but rewarding in the long term.

    Honestly I’m not sure BioLib has the chops to perform any self reflection. They seem to be the sort who like to bully others. I could be wrong; I’ve been wrong before after all. But experience has shown those who are in it for the power to persecute are the loudest when claiming persecution for themselves.

    I’m not holding my breath or even waiting with baited breath anymore. I believe BioLib and those like them ignore me. I don’t poke at them for me but for others like me who feel they are all alone.

    Nope! We are here!

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