Fundamentalist Christian TV Broadcast at Military Hospital

From: MRFF Veteran Client’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Fundamentalist Christian TV Broadcast at Military Hospital
Date: November 8, 2019 at 2:34:23 PM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mikey and MRFF, Thanks for the help on behalf of 30+ military members, active duty, retired and dependents. In the San Antonio TX area.

I am a retired military member who recently had an appointment at a clinic at Lackland AFB. Hospital (Wilford Hall). For a medical procedure, after reporting in at the Clinic, I was directed to wait in a small cubicle waiting area with a T.V.

The Television station playing was the Trinity Broadcasting Network  (TBN)

A fundamentalist Christian station. It was not possible to change the station and the TV was permanently set on TBN.

Within just the first 5 mins I was read prayers, told to pray, and asked for donations.

I went to the medical facility for medical care. Not to be ministered to and proselytized to as a captive audience member in a DOD medical facility.

I tried to get some help from the hospital but nothing happened. I reported this incident to Mikey Weinstein at MRFF. right away. Other active duty and veterans  joined me as complainants to Mikey and MRFF about this constitutional violation of our civil rights.

Mr Weinstein took immediate action after we contacted him and MRFF, made some phone calls and sent e-mails to the chain of command at this huge medical facility and swiftly resolved the situation within a couple of hours of his first contact with this military hospital. The military chain of command has promised MRFF to take action to never allow such a terrible thing to ever happen again. TBN is no longer being broadcast on the TVs there.

On behalf of all military members in TX, I give a Hand Salute to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Thanks Mikey and the MRFF!

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  1. Anonymous Military Physician

    Proselytizing on its face is bad enough.But it is especially egregious when forced upon patients seeking medical care who may be sick and possibly suffering. Of course this activity is illegal and unconstitutional in a government Military medical setting. Thanks to MRFF for another successful intervention and relieving these patients from this unnecessary assault

  2. BioLib

    I hope they changed the station then to Fox News which cannot be changed.

  3. Bree

    Thank you MRFF! I hate TVs in waiting rooms no matter what is playing, but being captive to religious programming is my vision of hell.

  4. BioLib

    Hell will be a lot worse for you Bree!

  5. G

    Biolib, you have any proof that there is a hell? Has anyone you that you knew has returned back from the grave and has informed you that there is a heave and/or hell?

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