Jewish activist reverses deranged Christian’s Halloween ban

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  1. BioLib

    Agnostic Jews like Mikey will worship anything, including satan and his own self.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    BioLib – who is most likely a bot/Christian Nationalist aka not a liberal.

    Do you ever get tired of being so absolutely wrong? I’m thinking not based on your comments on the site.

    But that’s not your reason for being here, is it? You want the anger, correct?

    The thing about anger and fear is they take an enormous amount of energy to maintain. As I see it an easy way to get your emotional fix is to poke and prod with your lies and half deceptions on websites devoted to progressive ideas (like following the Constitution).

    Sad person living their sad life – that is if they aren’t a bot.

    sans merci / sans pitié

  3. G

    BioLib, do you have any proof that Mikey worships anything? You have a lot of people like Trump who worship their own selves at the expense of the rest of society.

  4. BioLib

    You have no proof that Trump even worships himself.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Oh BioLib, we have the presidents own words he has Tweeted to the world or recorded at one of his rallies.

    Is that enough evidence?

    To be fair, if the circumstances were the same meaning I start out an egomaniac and narcissist who was told over and over by adoring fans how I’m God’s anointed one I would believe I am worthy of worship. It’s only human.

  6. G

    BioLib, you have people worshipping Ronald Reagan as if he was a god or a demi-god. You also have a group of conservatives who are trying to put a monument or name a place after Reagan in each of the 50 states. You have many business people who think that they are God’s gift to civilization and firmly believe that if it wasn’t for them, civilization wouldn’t have existed.

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