MRFF Assists in Missing Man Table Bible Removal

From: E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Thank you!
Date: November 15, 2019 at 4:32:12 PM MST
To: [email protected]

Greetings to you and the MRFF team.

On the run up to this Veteran’s Day (2019) I noticed that as usual my company had set up a Missing Man Table. I find this to be a heartfelt and faithful tribute to those of who have served in the US Military and to those soldiers who haven’t come home yet. My only concern was that the display contained a bible. As someone who strongly believes that a broad and high wall between church and state benefits both believers and non believers this bothered me. Was my company, a Fortune 500 company with a cache approaching Apple’s in the public mind, really endorsing one faith over another?
I needed advice on how to approach this and I knew the exact place to find that help. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I had first heard of the MRFF and Mikey Weinstein on a podcast I listen to regularly but was a little apprehensive to contact them. I have never served in the armed forces of the United States, my company is a private corporation, and I wasn’t sure if they would even give me the time of day. I was very wrong.
Within a few hours on a Sunday after I had sent the MRFF an email outlining what was going on, I received a phone call from the founder of the MRFF. Mikey Weinstein and I talked for about ten minutes. Ten minutes that gave me the courage and knowledge that I felt I needed to talk to my HR representative about my concerns with the bible on the table. Mikey was able to give me the history of the Missing Man Table, the way that the bible was included only within the last few decades, and how even the military had concluded that it is an insult to US service members everywhere having religious iconography included in this display. That was exactly what I needed.
I sent an email to my HR department and received the typical “We are looking into this” response. To my pleasure the bible was removed within twenty-four hours. Further, the organizer of the display contacted me to explain his side. We will be having coffee soon to discuss all the issues surrounding this. This was absolutely a victory of upholding the ideals, ethics, and values that this country stands for.
So, thank you to the MRFF team and Mr. Weinstein for their invaluable assistance in upholding the spirit of the United States Constitution and for giving me the tools I needed to be willing to stand up and fight for what is right. The MRFF stands ready to defend our rights. I’m glad I took the step to contact them and if you ever feel that you need some advice, ask the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
Name withheld

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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    Would these matters were settled as quickly and amicably in the military as this has in this instance.

    While there is much to be said about the efficiency of a well-trained chain of command in the military, it may be that public perceptions of private companies are the ultimate determining factor as to how those at the top react and behave.

    One of the biggest problems in that regard is that the military is a largely walled-off society within a society; while it was created by the larger society for the purposes of the nation’s defense, those within the military don’t have much sense that they are ultimately answerable to the nation, even in the form of an elected civilian government. I would venture that systemic procedural and perceptual changes need to be made in that regard.

  2. G

    Sage on the Hudson, what you say is true because the German/Prussian Officer Corp was a state within a state in German society. Same thing with the French Officer Corp where a good number of them tried on numerous attempts to kill President De Gaulle plus launching a coup to overthrow the colonial government in Algeria during the 1950s.

  3. A Proud American and Christian

    With all the problems facing our military AND our veterans today that need to be addressed, this ridiculous organization is offended by a BIBLE on a table. That is ridiculous. I believe in GOD before country and one nation under God. Our forefathers would turn and weep in their graves if they could see what the MRFF is doing to take God out of everything. We need God in our lives especially the men and women of our military

  4. Grey One talks sass

    A Proud American and Christian,

    Whose God?

    I presume you mean your god, correct? And since you are the kind of person who insists all anyone needs is ‘religion’ then you also believe the god you worship is the same god all other Christians worship too.

    If only the one deity exists then why are there so many churches with so many interpretations on exactly who to worship and how to do it? Oh yeah, according to you, the great authority of all authority, all those Christians in all their flavors aren’t “real” Christians, amirite?

    As the Founding Fathers intended, religion is to stick to their places and government is to stick to theirs. No crossing overs – at all. Too bad you, proud citizen and all, never read the Founders words explaining this idea. Perhaps you can make amends? Not to late to crack a book and open your mind.

  5. G

    We don’t need God in our society. What we need our good paying jobs, affordable/free medicine and education, and the ability to be able to live in an apartment or a house without worrying about to pay for it on a limited income.

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