12/17/19 – MRFF Schools Fundamentalist Christian-Linked Rabbi on Bible Verse Dog Tags

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  1. CZ

    Now why would Mikey have a problem with a rabbi that has relationships with Evangelical Christians. That is what Jesus has wanted for a long time, what the NT calls the One New Man, Jews and Gentiles linked together in Messiah Jesus! There are a lot of Jews today who are working together with Christians for the betterment of Israel and our nation through organizations like CUFI and PJTN and there are Jews who are involved in both organizations as representatives and chapter directors.

    I guess Mikey feels that Jews and Christians should not rubbing shoulders together as all as evidenced my his own attitude towards Evangelical Christians.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    CZ, reading for comprehension is not your strength, is it?

    Rabbi Aryeh Spero doesn’t have the facts on his side but that doesn’t stop him from making erroneous statements. MRFF called him out resulting in butt hurt by you and your fellow Christian Nationalists.

    Speaking of Christian Nationalists, CZ included, I understand the agenda is not to defend the Jewish faith. Nope, it’s darker than that because of course it is. In order for the “Christian End Times Review and Talent Show to open soon in a mega church near you!!!” the Jews have to act in a very specific way, hence the ‘we are brothers’ act until it’s time to throw them under the Jesus bus.

    We The People see your hypocrisy. We know your professed compassion for others is based entirely on what they can do for you and your cause. I’m fairly certain the actions you take are not what Jesus would do.

  3. CZ

    Hey Grey One,
    You seem fixated on this Christian Nationalist thing as if you assume every believer is one, and you know when you assume, you make an ass out of yourself. Not every Christian is a Nationalist, and millions of believers do not want a theocracy me included. When Christ returns He will establish a theocracy which the whole planet will have no choice but to obey.

    Secondly, God said in His Word that He would draw His chosen people back to their ancient homeland from the four corners of the earth, thousands of years before there was one Christian or a church. So, God does not need any Christians or church to bring His people back to their land in order for Jesus to return. In fact, God said that Christ would not return until His people cried out Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai, which means blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, then God said they will then look upon Him whom they had pierced and mourn for Him as for an only son. Once that happens then there will be a national turning to Jesus as their Messiah, without the help of any Christian.

    So, your assumptions disagrees with what God says in His Word, since God is God, your opinion is worth nothing but a plugged nickle compared to Him.

    By the way, the rabbi, pegged Mikey exactly as he is!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    CZ, wow, all those words for little old me? You shouldn’t have. No, really, you shouldn’t have.

    With one breath you say you don’t want a theocracy and the next six breaths explain how that’s exactly what the lord and savior you worship will do. And people tell me my logic is a Möbius Strip!

    I didn’t make an ass of you CZ, you did it all by yourself. And for the record? I don’t call all Christians by the title Christian Nationalist. I reserve that for dogmatic hide bound Christians who refuse to share, refuse to believe anyone besides themselves are deserving of rights and protection, and who act a lot like you, CZ. If the name fits and all that.

    If your deity is as powerful as you believe, why do they need the assistance of a human to defend themselves? Could it be that what is real and what is the blown up ego of men are two different things?

    I know you will dismiss what I say just as every Christian Nationalist has done before you. You are in the cult and they are very hard to leave. I hope you find clarity because what you are doing and believing now is the opposite of clear.

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