12/3/19 – MRFF Covered By Fox News Re: Bible Verses On Dog Tags

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  1. Black Dog

    When did they start allowing anything but “name, rank, service number, blood type, gas mask size, and religious affiliation if one?”

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Black Dog

    The company making the vanity dog tags used the DOD Army logo without permission. MRFF asked them to stop, hilarity ensues.

    Seriously, the Christian Nationalists brought out all the big guns. I guess the hill they plan to stand on is named vanity.

  3. WFZ337

    You can buy Hezbollah dog tags in Brazil, I wonder how many of our Muslim serviceman are wearing those under their uniform besides their military issued dog tags. It is also no surprise that it was a rag head that killed three of our service members in Pensacola today.

  4. G

    WFZ337, yeah and you had the Christians of the Blackwater Company killing Muslims when they were in Iraq for no reason.

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