12/31/19 – MRFF Covered by Fox News: First Liberty Institute Defends Proselytizing “Jesus Candy” at Air Force Base

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  1. CZ

    This is so ridicuous this is my comment on the Fox News site – MIkey says this is proselytizing, which is basically sharing your faith. Please tell me how Jesus candy, which is an inanimate object, cause someone to want to accept Christ into their life? Can a Buddha statue cause you to become a Buddhist? No! Would candy with a Mennorrah on it cause someone to want to become Jewish, I think not. Mikey gets his panties in a twist over anything that violates his interpretation of the first amendment to the Constitution.

  2. CZ

    I wonder if Mikey would do something if a Muslim soldier called him complaining that a base commissary is selling alcohol and bacon, because that violates his faith?

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Wow, two comments full of lies and stupidity. You really are the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t you CZ?

    I’d explain the facts to you – like bacon and alcohol are secular items without any religious branding while Jesus Candy is well, ‘Jesus’ branded, which is pushing a specific religion – but you haven’t a clue.

    Funny you cited candy with symbols from other faiths on them. I’ve not heard of any other faith disrespecting the rule of law quite like Christian Nationalists.

    And for the record CZ, on the rare occasion other faiths cross the line, MRFF is there to ensure the rules are followed by all. That said, the greatest number of violations are performed by Christian Nationalists and I don’t even wonder why anymore.

    Christian Nationalists don’t share. They ask for an inch and take ten miles. They are arrogant when declaring their faith which earns them critics, which in turn feeds their persecution complex. They question the veracity of others faith while deeply defensive about their own. In other words they can dish it but can’t take it.

    But yeah CZ, please explain again how the Jesus Candy is harmless.

  4. Solo

    … and so says an Anti-Christ who is not against using the calendar that establishes the years since Jesus’ crucifixion.

  5. Ken Morgan

    My fellow Christians, we need to pray for Micky et al and not call him names. Yes he is misguided, but God also has blessed him with passion. Let’s pray he gets that passion focused on Christ. But in the meantime, show him the love and grace God showed us….we are not perfect, yet Christ forgave us. Also pray that Micky reads the gospel of John with an open mind.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    Solo, shouldn’t all people be anti Christian Nationalist? Aren’t the qualities I attribute to them exactly what the Christian lord and savior taught against?

    Ah, you use your faith as a bludgeon to keep others down instead of lifting them up.

    As for the “privilege” of using the Christian calendar – oh child you really did come to a gun fight armed with play doh.

    For the record, please explain to me how a thing is considered privilege when that thing was forced onto the population at large by the ruling class?

    No sense of history – check
    The ‘you hate Christians’ moniker because I call out their poop – check

    I almost completed my third bingo card. Come on kids, Grey One needs a new pair of shoes!

  7. Ruby

    You’re correct. Eating this junk wouldn’t bend anyone to jesus’ will. If anything, it’s just tacky. However, when you spend money on it, you want to know that you aren’t funding some crazy sect or megachurch who is raising money for separationist, anti – everyone else crap. For the govt. to support any one religious group over another us against constitution values.

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