Army Should Rescind Its Ban on ‘Dog Tags’ With Personal Biblical Inscriptions

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  1. Simon Sobo

    They most certainly should change that back. I’m a child of the Holocaust and a state-run religion terrifies me. But if this comforts someone who’s about to go into battle, to risk his or her life FOR ME, then they should have whatever they want on their dog tags.

  2. rick

    Keep that, >Pile of Phony Religious CrapChildren in Adults BodiesYouReal Combat<,,,

  3. G

    Sobo, if a person wants whatever he/she wants on his/her dog tags, then you shouldn’t complain if a person has a swastika on it.

  4. WFZ337

    Rabbi Spero, a real committed Jew compared to that Kapo Mikey.

  5. Grey One talks sass


    Every day, with every comment you reveal the depths a human will sink to in order to prove themselves correct. And throughout history the only thing such actions produce is evidence of their darkened heart.

    Racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, ableist, homophobic, and classist; all labels you bear with pride.

    History is never kind to such humans; I hope such is the case with you too.

    By the way, the rules which govern our nation are the rules, written over two hundred years ago. The sentiment gleaned is share when it comes to religion or none of it is allowed in the public square. Not a hard rule but one that chaps the behind parts of Christian Nationalists who believe they are the only true religion (pssst – every religion believes this).

    Either everyone agrees to follow the rules whereby civilization is defined or none of us do, leading to barbarism. It’s that simple.

  6. brad9891

    You’re a worthless fucking asshole Mikey! You are a worthless fuck you couldn’t hack it in the Air Force so you decided to become a bully.

    Mikey does your wife know that you’re a cock sucker liberal faggot?

  7. G

    bad9891. Mr. Weinstein spent 14 years in the Air Force and was assigned to the White House during Ronald Reagan’s term in office as a lawyer.

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