I Drunk Reprints: Jesus Candy Causes Democracy Decay At Peterson AFB

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  1. CZ

    What a bunch of hog wash fake news. I highly doubt that Jesus candy will cause democracy decay. Besides, our country is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic, big difference between the two.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Huh. CZ is all about the Constitution until they aren’t – isn’t ‘that’ special?

    Anyone willing to bet how long it would take CZ and their Christian Nationalist cohorts to go apoplectic if the Satanists wanted to sell their brand of candy?


  3. CZ

    If Satanists want to sell their candy during Halloween that is up to them, since that is their holiday.

  4. G

    Satanists have no holidays.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    What CZ understands about religion, theirs and others, can fit in an 1/8th teaspoon.

    We are talking about Christmas CZ. Please try to stay on topic. I know it’s hard for you but do your best, mkay?

  6. Grey One talks sass

    By the by CZ, the person who took the photo of Christmas Jesus candy said there was Jesus Candy on sale in October for Halloween too but didn’t get a photo.

    Using your (non) logic what can be extrapolated from Christian Nationalists selling their false idol goods on a pagan holiday?

    How about Christian Nationalists have sold their soul by worshiping the golden calf of money. They have no moral standing per their own holy book.

    By association CZ, you are just as guilty. I wonder how you will explain your decisions to defend the CNs when you face your God, him being all jealous and vain and rather specific about NOT worshipping idols.

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