Thank you!

The more I read some of the hateful comments to your stories, the more I am determined to support you and your efforts. People just cannot see beyond their own religious beliefs and understand that our government is not supposed to sponsor any one specific religion. They are required only to accommodate the belief and practice of all religions to the people, and this applies to the military also. Every time I see a deeply christian act taken by government or military leaders, I wonder if they would do the same for my minority religion. History has shown that they normally do not. Your work is important and I really appreciate it.

(Name withheld)

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    I second the sentiment expressed by the letter writer. If I were a person of money I’d back the emotion with cash. As I’m poorer than the poorest mouse I can only do what I can.

    Thank you MRFF for standing up for what is important.

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