Your Complaint of Santa Claus Sign

To Whom it concerns
      I don’t Care what your group says about saying “God Bless America”. Keep it to yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. I have had enough of the politically correct crap from the service. Leave it alone, End of story. Get it.   I hope so
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
On Dec 17, 2019, at 7:20 AM, John Compere  wrote:

To (name withheld),
For your information, the US Constitution, American law & US Armed Forces regulations prohibit our government, which includes the military, from promoting & endorsing a religion on military installations except at military chapels. It should surprise no one that military exchanges, a part of the Department of Defense, are required to comply with our laws & regulations. Even Jesus separated religion from government (see Mark 12:17).
Moreover, this is the season of goodwill to all military members & families – not just Christians.
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (over 80% Christians)

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Every time I read the phrases God Bless America or In God We Trust my mind asks the question – whose god? I know Christian Nationalists presume the phrase means their deity just as they assume the USA is a Christian nation.

    As a young person I would have never suggested removing religion but that was when I believed all Americans follow the rules. I know better now.

    Christian Nationalists believe they are protected but not bound by the laws which govern us all. Their bad behavior should be addressed by shoving their bigoted selves back into their church.

    Learn to share or don’t come out. Easy peasy.

  2. Delta One

    What gets me is the letter writer doesn’t care what anyone else believes, feels or says and insists that MRFF “keep it to yourself”. Well, why aren’t you keeping your care-less opinion to yourself as well? There is no “politically correct crap” if you follow the laws of this country. Does this mean you are insisting that everyone must support “religiously correct crap” from/to/for the service there buck’O?

    Leave it alone, End of story. Get it. I hope so

  3. WFZ337

    Grey One,
    First of all, there is only one diety whose name is Yahweh, and if you want to shove Christians back into their churches, then I think we should restore Old Testament law and we Purge this country of all witches and gays.

  4. Mark Sebree


    There may well be one deity who’s name is Yahweh, but that is just one deity among hundreds of thousands. Hinduism has over one hundred thousand deities, and Chinese Traditionalism has a similar number. Shintoism has a few dozen deities. African, Native American, and Australian Shamanism have a few dozen deities each. Astruism worships the old Norse gods. Wiccans worship the Lord and the Lady. Buddhism does not worship any deities. Your deity is just one of a crowd, and one of the worse ones as well.

    You also missed what the Grey One was talking about. It is people like you that should be shoved into a church, and then not allowed to come out until you learn to share. You cannot accept that nobody is bound by your beliefs except yourself. You seem eager to murder anyone and everyone that does not kowtow to your hateful, irrational, murderous deity. You show a hatred and disdain for their USA and the Constitution by your repeated statements which show that you do not think that anyone should have freedom of religion, and that everyone should be oppressed, and many of them murdered, for your beliefs. You want to impose a Christian version of Sharia Law onto this country, turning it into a theocracy.

    Very simply, you present yourself as a sadist, someone who enjoys seeing other people subjected to cruelty, pain, and discrimination. It is people like you who are driving people away from Christianity.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Mark, well stated. Thank you for calling WFZ337 a sadist. That label fits them perfectly.

    WFZ337 – you don’t know your Bible, do you? Even your YHVH acknowledged other deities existence so how can there be only one god? Yeesh! You claim moral superiority, demand everyone follow your holy book but don’t know what the pages contain?

    Bwahahahaaa. You are so funny in your idiocies.

  6. CZ

    Hey Black Heart, oops I mean Grey One.,
    Yes I know my bible very well, God said that there are no other gods besides me. All the other gods that are mentioned in the bible are not reference actual other spiritual dieties, but the worship of pagan idols that they thought were actual spiritual beings. Since God is eternal an uncreated, He would not create another being that would be worshiped that would be equal to Him. The only spiritual beings God created were the angels which also included Lucifer or Satan or HaSatan as the Jews call him.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    So are you CZ or WFZ337? Because you responded like you….??????! No matter your name, one Christian Nationalists sounds exactly like another.

    So according to you other deities exist but ‘your’ deity which rose to power a little over two thousand years ago somehow created all the deities which were in power before that time? And allowed them to be worshipped and not themselves? A vain and jealous god like YH_H?

    No way that’s happening. And I have thousands of years of human behavior to back me up on my statement.

    Learn to share CZ. That’s my only requirement of any Christian Nationalist. Thus far I’ve yet to encounter one of you sort who are willing to do such a simple yet complex thing. Apparently it’s above your pay grade.

  8. Old Soldier

    I am appalled at what the mrff has done to take the Christ out of Christmas. Saying a manger scene is unconstitutional and getting their little panties in a bind over a Santa in an Army uniform. Christmas is a time when we celebrate our saviours birth and to me the MRFF is doing the work of the devil when they do these horrible things. They are really traitors in the worst sense of the word. Our forefathers would turn in their graves if they could see what you are doing

  9. Grey One talks sass

    Actually, Old Soldier, MRFF is doing what our founding fathers want them to do; defend the Constitution. It’s exactly what the founding fathers expect and desire of their children.

    Christmas is not the only holiday this time of year (I have five on my phone calendar and that’s not a complete list by far). Everyone who celebrates the other days are also citizens of the USA and have the right to expect equal representation. Why do you want to take that away?

    @ The Nativity on the military base was moved to the chapel grounds where it belongs. No one took it away. Any religious display in a common area is unconstitutional.

    @ Co-opting a secular symbol for military and religious use should anger you as much as it does me. Yes, it’s “one” display but it’s one nostril the camel pokes into the tent before tossing the whole thing. It’s good the MRFF is paying attention.

    You served Old Soldier. You took an oath to defend the USA and by extension the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why do you call those who do what you vowed to do a traitor?

  10. PeninaD

    Old Soldier,

    You really cannot comprehend how arrogant you sound with “our savior”.
    Exactly what you reject from every other religion, the imposing of theology and rules/laws on you, you and your kind do to everyone else.
    The majority of the world is not Christian, and even amongst Christians, you cannot all agree with each other on texts, order or manner of services, Trinity or not…

    You seemingly live your life assuming that anyone wants your proselytizing….we do not.
    Keep it in your home, your temple or church, in your heart.
    As I will do mine.
    Not in government, courts, legislatures or military.

  11. CZ

    We will proselytize anywhere we well please because it is called freedom of religion and freedom of speech and that is what Jesus Christ our Lord commands us to do, it is called the Great Commission. If sexual degenerates like gays do not have to keep their sexual perversion in their homes or in their hearts, we do not have to keep our faith in Christ only in our homes. I suggest your get hooked up to some Lithium,which I hear now comes in vanilla flavor, and just chill out. We are not going away neither is Christ!

  12. CZ

    Grey One,
    The only Deity did not rise over two thousand years ago, He has always existed, there was never a time when Jesus Christ never existed. He is the eternal God and all mankind must obey Him an no other, other wise there are eternal consequences for our rebellion before a holy God. All of mankind, past, present and future will stand before this holy God for judgment for the sins they have committed while alive. Those who did not accept Christ as their Lord and Savior while on earth, will be consigned to eternal punishment and unending torment, while those who did accept Christ’s gift of salvation will enjoy eternal glory in the presence of their God and Savior.

    Even you Grey One will not escape the trial before God where you will have to answer for your sins committed while alive. So, choose wisely for remember, you are only a heart beat away from where you will spend eternity.

  13. Grey One talks sass

    I adore how the resident fake diamond (cubic zirconia) equates merely existing with their (not so) Great Commission. The bubble they surround themselves with is filled with cognitive dissonance, no wonder they sound illogical.

    Choose wisely, using the terms of the bet as determined by you CZ? Oh child, wherever you intend to be I will be as far away as possible. Is that clear enough?

    How arrogant of you to presume you are the be all and end all of all things spiritual. May your deity reward you as he has all others who dare to presume against him.

    (From the peanut gallery)
    Vain and Jealous means kind, right? Right?

    (Soft laughter fades into silence)

  14. G

    No CZ, you can’t proselytize anywhere you please. If God really exists, then how come people like the Romans, Gauls, Egyptians, Babylonians, people of India, China, Japan, etc. were not worshipping him already?

  15. Grey One talks sass

    Today I was reminded Christian proselytizing is not about winning converts. Instead it’s about reinforcing the Us vs Them ideology with an added splash of persecution complex.

    Are you listening CZ and Old Soldier? If your faith is so solid why do you need to remind yourself how special you are by preaching here?

    G – you are onto something. I’m having a hard time imagining the god of CZ, who admits in his holy book he is vain & jealous, competing for time and worshippers with Zeus. Their battle would have been epic resulting in the end of all matter for all time. Since we are still here, I will extrapolate CZ is mistaken in the existence of their deity**.

    **Logic sequence based on Christian Nationalist rules, reality will provide different results. Do not try this at home kids, I’m a professional.

  16. G

    Grey One talk Sass

    I had forgotten about the Greeks since you had mention, Zeus. Funny, the Romans adopted some of the Greek Gods and gave them Roman names:

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