Anti-religion group seeks to deny troops inspirational dog tags

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  1. MJ

    Oh, boo-hoo. Whining Christianists twist the facts to suit themselves and eventually will meet their own devil’s behind face-to-face. These people confirm what so many others already know, Christianity is turned into a curse on the landscape by money-grubbing opportunists.

    If the troops are so devastated by not having their service logo on the dog tags, they should just grow up and go get a job in the mines or on the farm. The military issues dog tags and if those are not good enough for the Christianists, then get another damn job. What whining babies they are.

  2. G

    I agree with you MJ considering the fact that many of these Christians hate government but are more than willing to take a government job along with pay, pension, medical benefits and educational opportunities particularly in the military while at the same time believe that the rest of the civilian population is not entitled to these things in civilian life.

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