Jesus Candy II: It’s Proselytizing, Proud Candy Maker Says!

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  1. jimbo

    Of course it’s proselytizing, it is part of the lying and hating ongoing from the christian supremacists to infect as much of our nation as possible, on route to the destruction of separation of church and state under Trump. But it’s only a small example, the most prominent of which is the ongoing assault by the networks when they use their fascist fingers during sporting events. Those gestures are also proselytizing, apparently the networks can do this crap with no regulation or review. I’ve been fighting this for years, I refuse to be silent about these violation of our rights by the christian supremacists. For all my fighting I’ve been persecuted continually right up to a few minutes ago when a freak gave me his fascist finger. Among the persecutions was a dui by Laguna Beach CA police, a clear phony assault on my rights by these lying cops. A couple of weeks ago returning from a trip, the conveyor bringing bags to the dispersal conveyor jammed, causing a huge mess. Just coincidentally my two bags were right there where the jam occurred, a message that I can’t escape the sickness these fools bring. May I note this was an attack on the airport itself, and needs to be fully investigated. It should be noted that no jams should occur, baggage handlers know how to prevent these by properly placing bags on the conveyors, in this case the impediment that caused the jam was expertly placed to do just that, to cause the jam. The constant harassment I receive is violation of my rights to privacy. I have asked California government to investigate these clear violations of my rights, these criminal violations, and will continue to do so until I get a response, even if they put me in prison because I question the outcome of the phony trial. There’s a lot more to this story, it involves T-mobile and ATT, there’s much much more. This crap has to stop, somebody tell the networks to understand what their involvement in proselytizing has as an effect on our nation, and our freedoms.

  2. CZ

    Poor Jimbo,
    Sounds like you are smoking either way too much weed or drinking too much vodka, but definitely sounds like you got your butt plug stuck up your ass. I am sure those police officers had every right to pull you over and question your for a dui, and I am thankful they pulled you over so that you would not harm anyone else on the road.
    I know, isn’t it terrible that people our out to get you by having the baggage carousel get jammed so it that it made things a little inconvenient for you, but make a complaint there to Gov. Newsom and he made get around to that in a few years. However, I think it may be due to the fact that those baggage handlers only making minimum wage and they are under the gun to get a plane unloaded to meet certain performance ratings.
    I know, I hate it when those athletes give their racist signs like giving the one way finger and looking up to heaven when they score a touchdown or hit a home room, but I do think that is far from proselytizing as you say.
    May I suggest you go see your doctor and he may prescribe some Prozac for you, I hear it now comes in bubblegum flavor.

  3. G

    Poor CZ. She hasn’t learned anything despite all of her religious training.

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