Space Force Bible Blessing At National Cathedral Sparks Outrage

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  1. joanne

    I’m curious, If you “military free from religion” folks really believe this ->”Additionally, MRFF adheres strongly to the principle that religious faith is a deeply personal matter, and that no American has the right to question another American’s beliefs as long as they do not unwontedly intrude on the public space or the privacy or safety of another individual.”

    Why are you questioning another American’s belief (the use of a Bible for a “swearing in”) when it does NOT intrude on the public space or privacy or safety of another individual?

  2. G

    Joanne, The swearing on the Bible is for things like swearing in a court of law. It is not to used for swearing-in organization or swearing in new military commanders.

  3. Infidel for Jesus

    There have been 3 chairman’s of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who have taken their oath with a hand on a bible, and I am sure no one persuaded them to do that as the top ranking military officer in the Pentagon.

  4. G

    No, IFJ. The officers should not be swearing on a Bible when they taking over a new command.

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