VA Proposes End to Obama-Era Policy for Faith-Based Groups

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  1. Dave Kisor

    When Robert A. Heinlein wrote “Revolt in 2100,” he saw the beginnings of the theocracy happening when nobody else did. He wrote it in 1939 and 80 years later, it’s making significant progress. When I read it first in 1976, I was entertained, but a second reading in 2002 left me frightened that it could actually happen. I highly recommend reading this, as he understood how and why the theocracy needs to control the military.

    ISBN 2221151716286

  2. Infidel for Jesus

    Ah poor Mikey, a big victory for military religious freedom. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Ah the old “Religious Freedom” cry from our resident Christian Nationalist, because Christians in the USA are such a persecuted and down trodden lot.

    The current administration has proven time and again their lust for power and zeal for cruelty. This latest action is one more step towards the USA becoming a total theocracy.

  4. G

    No INJ. It is not a victory yet until the policy gets eliminated.

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