Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation “Prayer For Anti-Faith Groups” list

Click to read on the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    The campaign to turn the USA into a theocracy is well organized, that is for sure.

    I copied this list from the CPCF website:

    Prayer For Anti-Faith Groups
    Freedom From Religion Foundation
    American Civil Liberties Union
    American Humanists Association
    American Atheists
    Secular Coalition for America
    Military Religious Freedom Foundation
    Southern Poverty Law Center

    Such disingenuous framing the theocrats use! Not single organization on the list is ‘anti-theist’; instead each are very pro-Constituion. I guess if the theocrats continue lying about, well, everything what they fear may come to be. After all, “One often meets their destiny on the path they take to avoid it.” – many people and one very old turtle.

  2. Jeffrey Haynes

    I am writing a book on Trump and the Politics of Religious Freedom. I am looking for sources of information on the CPCF. I am based in Europe and the CPCF website is not availale in that region. I’d be grateful to anyone who knows about, or who has researched into, the CPCF. Thanks.

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