Fight erupts because military chaplain mentions Jesus!

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  1. jimbo

    I submitted a comment, you have not included it on your site. Even Mikey’s site is corrupted by the freaks.

  2. jimbo

    Second try, will this be censored?

    I wrote to the underlying entity, a seemingly religious site the following: “Our Constitution includes separation of church and state, which includes your right to believe what you will. Without separation of church and state only the most powerful religion will ‘dominate’, it may not be yours. Be thankful you have the freedom to believe as you will, without it you won’t, probably.” I received the following message: ‘we are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by WND (the name of the site). Of course I’ve never been to this site before, it is the doing of discus, the moderator which has this power over me across any of the religious sites they infect. They are cowards, they can’t tolerate any common sense, any logic, any truth. Avoid any site using discus, if they admit they are involved.

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