Religious liberty group defends Navy chaplain under fire for promoting ‘Lead like Jesus’ talk

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  1. Dennis Middlebrooks

    The claim that George Washington looked upon Jesus as an inspiration for military leadership is pure bunk, as if that painting of Washington kneeling in the snow at Valley Forge. And some “leader” Jesus was, betrayed by one of his followers and abandoned by the rest! Loser!

  2. Hi

    Uh, Dennis, why don’t you read the rest of the story, after Christ rose from the dead, the remaining 11 disciples were gathered in one room when one of the women who went to the tomb and discovered that He had rose from the dead went to tell them, and then the risen Christ appeared to all of them. Then he spent 40 days with those disciples before being taken up into heaven. Then go on into the book of Acts in chapter 2, you see Peter preaching about the risen Christ and over 3.000 followed Jesus by believing in his resurrection. From there millions upon millions over 2000 years have followed Jesus and His teachings, does not sound like a loser leader to me.

  3. G

    Yeah HI, and you have many different verses of the Bible and various Christian denominations so which one of them is the loser? You have millions who follow Buddism, Islam, etc. so does that make they losers?

  4. Rick

    Believers of any sort need to take a step back and look at the leadership criteria being presented through this forum. Is “leading like Jesus” a goal of the Navy? Will officers, enlisted and civilians who claim to “lead like Jesus” be viewed with a different lens than someone leading like Sun Tzu? How will an Jew, Buddhist, Atheist or Muslim rank against Christian leaders when Jesus is not their model?

    No, these are real men and women, stating that Jesus sets their goals, and telling subordinates that Jesus could be a measure of performance.

    This is simply wrong for any leader to promote.

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