Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Superb Letter Decries Pat Robertson’s Anti-Semitic Rant Against Mikey Weinstein

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  1. Robert W Ahrens

    Short, succinct, and to the point. Excellent letter, sir!

  2. C4Z

    Calling Mikey a small atheist Jewish man is no more antisemtic than calling Bernie Sanders a communist self-hating Jewish man.

  3. G

    Sorry, C4Z but your remark is not valid considering all the death threats that Mikey has received all these years.

  4. Em

    It’s ppl like this Robertson who showed me that Christianity was a fraud. He has a lot of followers, and I suspect all in his cult are as deluded as he is. When death threats are the stock-in-trade of anybody, then decent people in his own group –in a just world,–would stand against him. But none will, I expect, because his followers are indecent and un-American. Or maybe just pathetically evil/dumb/numb/bullied themselves/or propagandized.

    It takes all kinds of people to make a world and I and my country are shamed every day by somebody demonstrating hatred and smug self-adoration.

    Sorry, buster, nobody with self-respect is going to kiss the hem of your garment. Your God is waiting for you. Don’t trip over your own feet getting up there. You are overdue for lessons in human decency.

  5. Em

    Ouch. My bad. Where did i get the idea Roberton was death threating.My apologies to everybody My dislike of this scruffy dog of a showman overcame my senses. But he still is going to get his lashes when he goes “home.” I have no doubt. Perhaps somebody at MRFF will delete my comments or something. I don’t have the ability, much a I’d like to correct it.

  6. Grey One talks sass


    Christianists like Robertson use their flock to achieve violence, they never get their own hands dirty. And they don’t use terms like ‘hurt, maim, or kill’. Oh no…

    Instead they call anyone who stands up for the Constitution an existential threat to their Christian way of life. Doesn’t sound like much of a threat until one takes into account people who adore Robertson spend at least one day a week at their home church listening to fire and brimstone from a preacher who also adores people like Robertson.

    It’s an endless self feeding loop of crazy with the end result of weaponized parishioners. Robertson just has to suggest ‘who will rid me of this troublesome priest’ (or words to that effect) and the letters and threats come flying in to the MRFF.

    The threats are real. The letter writers believe to their toes Mikey et al are persecuting them for their faith. They know this because they were told by a Person of Authority so it must be true.

    Those of us outside the bubble know better, we are the readers of history and collector of facts. We protect the wall between church and state because we know the mindless fury which will be unleashed if it ever comes down.

    Robertson never gets his hands dirty. His followers – not so much.

    Tl;dr – you’re good Em. I meant what you knew.

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