The Newport Daily News Letter to the Editor: Support Religious Freedom Protection

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    A very well written letter, filled with facts, logic, and an abiding dedication to uphold the Constitution.

  2. C4Z

    “The original e-vite — which was not sent to anyone but was only available if you clicked through to the Air Force’s official RSVP site — followed standard Air Force protocol. The guest of honor is the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Second Air Force; the “host” was the Wing Commander, Col J. Scot Heathman.

    Weinstein loudly complained that by having the Wing Commander’s name on the invite, random subordinates felt “coerced” to attend. The fact that the POC on the invite was the chaplains’ office, not the commander, apparently escaped him.

    (Remember that this is the same person whose lawsuit about coercion over a USAFA national prayer breakfast fell apart when the judge ruled they hadn’t remotely demonstrated any actual potential of retribution if they did not attend.)”

    Truth hurts doesn’t. Just proves Mikey lies and is just in for this for the Benjamin’s baby.

  3. G

    Wrong, C4Z, the truth from Weinstein hurts you and you are the one that lies.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    C4Z, careful little acorn, running with pointed objects is how maimings happen.

    Exactly how is it you know every motivation for every action the MRFF takes? Could it be they live in your head rent free?

    I could provide you with facts to rebut your comment but that implies you possess a grain of understanding. With all the hate you spew there is no room for anything but vitriol.

    Must be a sad lonely existence to be you C4Z. So sad.

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