US Military Orders Company to Stop Putting Bible Verses on Military Dog Tags

Click to watch Video (6 min. 34 sec.) and read article on CBN

Video is at beginning of article with image of First Liberty Institute’s Mike Berry.  Pat Robertson appears when video is started.

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  1. Lisa Gladwell

    You have GOT to be FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!! This IS a hoax, RIGHT?? Not a true SLAP in the face of all our former and current servicemen and women, RIGHT??? TELL me, PLEASE, “Mikey,” that this is a really poor taste joke , RIGHT?????!!!!!!!!!?????? May Our Father have MERCY on all of the souls, THE VERY SOULS THAT HE CREATED, for this ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE. For each and every single misguided would-be attacker (oh, yes, I have no doubt that I WILL UNDOUBTEDLY be attacked viciously for expressing my outrage and fears for YOU), you will be in my prayers. For God’s sake, WHY????!!!???????????? Why can you just not look the other way and let people worship and prepare for battle in their own way, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! How is one person’s dog tag, perhaps that individual’s ONLY shield as he or she serves right alongside your sorry selves, IN ANY WAY REMOTELY HARMFUL TO YOU??? AFRAID OF A LITTLE OSMOSIS, ARE WE?? WOW!!!! Just utterly…….wow……God help you as you people systematically attempt to remove your very own Creator from this country. I pray He will have merciful leniency on you and your respective families. HE WILL NOT BE DENIED, HAVE NO DOUBT.

  2. Larry Fleisher

    When I served I was shocked that my Dog Tags mentioned my religious preferences. I was advised that the religion is put on the tags in case you are killed one of the tags is inserted between the teeth and jaw closed for the graves batallion and the other is for notification of family and chaplains.
    It was not particularly reassuring or comforting. It is for the express convenience of identifying the dead and the living who cared for them.
    Religion is for the living. The dead don’t care
    What a shame Pat didn’t care enough to serve

  3. Grey One talks sass

    I was going to reply earlier but all the question mark and exclamation points were already used for this letter and the supply had to reload.

    We’re good to go!

    Lisa, Lisa please take a moment. All the MRFF asks is Shields of Strength comply with the contract they freely signed and follow the rules contained therein. This means not placing the DOD logo alongside a Christian Bible verse. Psst – Shields of Strength knows this but they are lying. It’s what Christian Nationalists do.

    Sorry to interrupt your persecution fantasy but maybe you can find another use? Use your imagination. I’m sure you will find something.

  4. Eric Cooper

    Outstanding job Mikey as par usual. Time to keep separation of church and state and time for these “companies” to realize making money off our Soldiers just ain’t okay. Pat Robertson was drafted and isn’t a real damn Marine anyway, he’s a little piece of shit radical evangelist who doesn’t recognize a Constitution but that everyone should follow his religion. Keep up the good work you do Mikey and don’t let the little people irritate you too much. Give me a call if you need to chat, anytime, you’ve got the number. Allons.

  5. Lisa Gladwell

    Grey One……SMH. Christian and Jewish persecution are not fantasy. History, Sir, (sir?). They are horrifically THE REALITY once again fast approaching. Sorry to disturb your fantasy, but truth. Never mine, but His. NOT my game plan, but solely His. Believe what you will, as free will is one of the greatest gifts He has given us. Freedom to learn and to decide individually. I for one will not be one of the arrogant boasters in the end days who will beat my chest like I just singlehandedly caught the tie-breaking TD and proclaim pompously, “Told ya so, all of you ignorant folks!” May God bless you–oh, snap! Or should I say, “Good luck with that roll of your dice!,” hmmm? I’ll still pray for you, Mike, and your families that you all make it out on the flipside. THAT’S what we TRUE Christians do. Despite ruffled feathers, despite facing the greatest wave possible of hatred and personal attacks, we truly do in our hearts want EVERYONE to make it, not just ourselves.

  6. Grey One talks sass


    You wrote “ Despite ruffled feathers, despite facing the greatest wave possible of hatred and personal attacks, we truly do in our hearts want EVERYONE to make it, not just ourselves.”

    A. From your tone it sounds like you are a Christian first, a citizen of the USA second. Am I correct?

    B. When you say you want everyone to ‘make it’ do you really mean everyone? Because I’ve met your sort and based on those interactions what you actually want is all people believing as you do, no deviation; any ‘others’ in the world need not apply (looking at the Christianist record on LGBTQA equality).

    3. Where have people attacked you specifically on this site? You claim persecution but show no evidence. By the way, I see examples of anti-Semitism in the news every week, persecution of Christians not so much. Perhaps you need to reset your persecution levels.

    D. Please explain why it’s OK for SoS to break the law and violate a contract they signed willingly? Do you always support scofflaws? Law for thee but not for me? Is that how you roll Lisa?

    Look Lisa, all I really want from you is to take a deep breath and do some research for yourself. You’ve been lied to by people who should know better. These liars took advantage of your zeal and faith. You may not be angry but I’m massively pissed off on your behalf. Those who lied (Robertson your reputation proceeds you) knew they were lying but the ends justify the means, amirite?

  7. G

    Lisa, free will was one of the worst mistakes that God gave to the human race apart from creating the human race.

  8. G

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