3/23/20 – MRFF Victory!!! Air Force Reserve Removes Shockingly Shameless Proselytizing Video After MRFF Demand

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  1. SARSU

    I reposted the video on the Air Force Reserve FB page and you cannot have that taken down since I am a private citizen. So, those in the Air Force Reserve will still be able to see it. Ha.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    If you can’t win legally, cheat. Well played SARSU. Underhanded, deceitful, taking advantage, yes all those things and more but yep, you sure showed the MRFF and the rest of We The People who would like everyone to follow the Constitution.

    I long for the day when antics such as SARSU’s are publicly derided, and not just by this old one but everyone.

    When all religious expression is banned from the public square it will be due to the actions of people like SARSU; they don’t play well with others nor do they share. It’s that simple.

  3. SARSU

    All religious expression will never be banned from the public square.
    Underhanded, deceitful,really? Anyone can post anything on the Air Force Reserve FB page, whether it be me or anyone else. You are just mad that it is me who thought of it. I also tweeted the video to the AF Reserve Twitter feed so everyone one can check it out. Oh yeah, I also posted the video to my local AF base FB page for all to see! I love my work.

  4. SARSU

    Hey Grey One,
    I retweeted that video to all the branches of the military this morning and the Air Force Reserve as well. I will also repost it on all the military branches FB pages as well as the Civil Air Patrol. I think I will also ask all my 4000 or more FB friends to post the video as well.

  5. G

    Hey SARSU, you can retweet the video and/or repost on all the military branches FB pages, the Air Force Reserves, and the Civil Air Patrol all you want; however, they will be all taken down.

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