QUOTE IN CHRISTIANITY TODAY ARTICLE, JAN. 9, 2012: Q&A: Jimmy Carter on his Faith-Filled Presidency – How Christianity played a role in the former President’s office.

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    For me the full article is behind a paywall. That said, what I did get to read was just as amazing as former President Carter himself. I wasn’t fond of every decision he made while in office but the man truly walks the walk.

    Thank you for the refreshing break and a reminder not all politicians are greedy vainglorious sacks of useless protoplasm.

  2. SARSU

    That is why is failed as a president and God took him out of the White House. Besides that, he is a vile Jew and Israel hater, and the sooner God takes him off this planet the better. I fear where he might end up in eternity.

  3. SARSU

    Christianity Today has become nothing more than a liberal fake Christian rag of a journalistic magazine.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    SARSU wrote “ That is why is failed as a president and God took him out of the White House.“

    Huh, and I thought Carter lost to Reagan because humans voted. Well, that and because Reagan and company pulled strings behind the scenes during the Iran hostage crisis.

    What would a post at MRFF be without SARSU calling Christians who don’t agree with them not real. I’m sure the people at Christianity Today believe they’re real. Isn’t that the requirement? I think therefore I am?

    Oooo – SARSU doesn’t think ever, therefore they are not. (I may or may not have read one too many books on philosophy)

    (Insert Muttley laugh here)

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