MRFF Op-Ed: Five Years After Same-Sex Marriage Legalized, Military Members Must Still Fight For Equal Rights

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  1. SARSU

    Gays do not deserve rights regarding marriage. Homosexual marriage is an abomination to God.

  2. Mark Sebree


    You do not get to decide who deserves access to a general right and who does not. The government cannot show favoritism towards any religious beliefs, and thus cannot foster your beliefs over others, especially when those beliefs are discriminatory and meant to hard and degrade others.

    Additionally, nobody is bound by your hateful and irrational beliefs except for you. That means that if others do not see homosexuals as an “abomination” according to their religion, then they have as much sway in the law as you do.

    Thus, if you cannot think of a SECULAR reason why homosexual couples cannot be allowed to get married that would apply equally to denying heterosexual couples the right to get married, then your “reason” is not applicable in the law. This means that your “reason” cannot reference religion or your beliefs in any way. Keep in mind that people that are far, far more intelligent and educated than you are failed to come up with any such reasons, so I find it unlikely that you will be able to do so, especially given your track record here.

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