The Air Force Has Updated its Song to Be Gender-Neutral

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    The yutes of today changed the lyrics to reflect their reality in the here now.

    Women have been warriors for longer then society would like to acknowledge. It’s time to recognize what existed in the past no longer works now.

    Good for them! And bravo to the command staff who support them.

    (Apparently SOME folk don’t remember their yute days. I’m no Pepperidge Farm, but I have a recollection or two of wanting to take the world by a storm)

  2. SARSU

    What women warriors, probably only in mythology, but not reality that long ago.

  3. Grey One talks sass


    Open your eyes. Warriors come in all sizes and shapes. Who in the ever living hell which is We The People’s reality right now are you to say a warrior must fit into your preconceived box?

    The ONLY reason women warriors have been erased from the historical record is because some male back in the day had their ego threatened. If one looks in the correct spaces (which you won’t do because you are SARSU) the evidence is clear.

    Where are the correct spaces? Journals written by the people who lived through the era, photographs, paintings, poetry, plays, all these resources show glimpses of everyone erased by the (mostly) Caucasian Cishet patriarchy.

    The most heinous act Religion ever committed was to convince We Who Are Other that We were alone, an anomaly. Before Social Media the lies were easy to maintain. Now most folks are out and proud to be born this way.

    Learn to share, to be inclusive. Learn to practice exactly what you claim to be your Lord and Savior preached.

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