you do the devil’s work

To the angry man with the same last name as Harvey and religion as Harvey and Jeffrey Epstein.

Let me get this right Mickey.

The nation and the world are fighting for their lives due to Covid-19 which may or may not be from satan himself.

But you and your little MRRF cohorts are forcing our Air Force to take down a comforting video for its airmen about the only true Lord and Savior which can help stop this deadly virus?

Jesus Christ knows you to be His foe. After all it was the jews who crucified him.

This coronavirus may be from satan but you Weinstein and your MRRF are definitely in league with the devil.

I hope you all get the virus and die chocking on your own vomit.

After you spread it to your families first.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
On Mar 23, 2020, at 3:44 PM, John Compere  wrote:


Your ignorant & insidious anti-Semitic, anti-Christian & anti-American attack against a fellow American you do not even know because he was born of a Jewish mother (like Jesus) reflects only on yourself & reveals a belligerent & brainless bigot who is incapable of civil communication. Your hate-filled hype is exceeded only by your half-witted hypocrisy.
The US Constitution separates religion from government (Article VI) & government from religion (1st Amendment) & prohibits our secular government, which includes the secular military, from promoting or endorsing a religion. US Armed Forces regulations prohibit the military from proselytizing a religion (except in military chapels). Our government & its military are required by law to remain neutral regarding religion (neither anti-religion nor pro-religion, but religion-neutral). Even Jesus separated religion & government (Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17).
American Founder & 2nd President John Adams reminded us our republic is “…a nation of laws and not of man.” (“Thoughts on Government”, 1776). 41st American President, military hero & Christian gentleman George H.W. Bush adroitly advised “Hate corrodes the container it is carried in.” If you are capable, consider these.
Biblical scripture tells us pagan Romans executed Jesus. The COVID-19 pandemic needs medical science – not religious rhetoric.
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (over 80% Christians)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell: 
Hi  (name withheld),
You say you want to “get this right.” I’m here to help.
First, I’m going to assume this is a fake address. If I’m correct, you’re like a number of cowards we hear from who hide behind them. If I’m wrong and you actually get this, I look forward to your response to my comments.
Second, Mikey is not an “angry man.” He is a man, of course, and he works hard to protect the freedom of choice of the men and women in the military. Because he works hard, he is sometimes tired, but that doesn’t make him a “tired man.” It makes him a human being, one who has hopes and dreams and feelings and desires and intentions. Like every other person, he gets inspired and enthused and disappointed and frustrated and happy and angry at times. The anger you refer to comes when he is confronted with the rank stupidity, meanness, arrogance and too often mindlessness of people who either have or assume authority and use it to take advantage of others.
Perhaps the latter are the only occasions you have reason to know of him, so that’s why you have a mistaken impression. Or perhaps it’s just an arrogant assumption on your part.
Covid-19 is clearly a danger with which we are all confronted. Working to sort it out and deal with it for the benefit of everyone is a tremendous challenge. Relegating its existence to “satan,” if that’s your choice, serves no meaningful purpose as far as I’m concerned, but you’re welcome to your view.
However, the connection you next make, to what you call the “comforting video for its airmen about the only true Lord and Savior which (sic) can help stop this deadly virus”, puts your position into what you might think of as theological territory but to me is magical thinking.
If you choose to believe that praying to your Lord and Savior will end the virus, that’s fine with me. I don’t share your belief, but I have no problem with your having it. The issue here, however, is not your belief system, it is the US Air Force Reserve making an official video promulgating a single religious view. That is a violation of both the law and military regulations.
You see, here in America people are free to believe as they choose. The government does not preach or promote one belief system over others. Because many in the Air Force Reserve or any other branch of the military are not Christians, or at least your kind of Christian, it is no more proper for a video to be made and broadcast that proselytizes for Christianity than it would be to promote Islam or atheism or Mormonism or Scientology or hanging by one’s knees from tree limbs.
Because you believe as you apparently do, you find the video of value. Such a video, if made privately and shown to those who might find such a message to be comforting could well be a fine addition to your library. It is not, nor should it be, an officially sponsored product of the US Government. As you may know, the Air Force has now made that determination and taken it down.
Now, if I may, to a few of your other points. What do you infer by the association of Mikey’s name with others who may be Jewish, whose names end with ‘stein’ and, in the two you cite, are not of good character? May I assume you are simply an anti-Semite or is there another point you’d like to make? Many anti-Semites, Hitler among them, apparently believed,, as you suggest, that “the jews” (sic) “crucified him.” That of course is wrong; it was the Romans. Now you get to be anti-Italian, although you’re probably way ahead of me on that.
If Jesus Christ is paying attention, he knows very well that Mikey is not only not “His foe,” he is in fact his landsman and is admired for serving his country and its society. Also if Jesus Christ is paying attention he knows that you, like too many who have corrupted his message, are fouling the nest he tried to create with your fear and anger and the hatred you spew. Man. if Jesus is paying attention, you’re in deep shit.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Supporter Mike Challman

On Mar 23, 2020, at 4:44 PM, Mike Challman  wrote:

(name withheld) –
I’m a longtime supporter of the MRFF and a military veteran.  I’m also a lifelong Christian.
Rather than dissect the awful bigotry and hatefulness displayed in your email, I’d just like to ask one simple question, from one Christian to another purported Christian:
How do these two statements coexist in the mind and heart of someone who professes to follow Jesus Christ?
“…the only true Lord and Savior…”   
“ I hope you all get the virus and die [choking] on your own vomit. After you spread it to your families first.”
I ask because you seem to have a VERY different understanding of Christian behavior than I do.
Mike Challman
MRFF supporter
USAF veteran

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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    “But you and your little MRRF cohorts are forcing our Air Force to take down a comforting video for its airmen about the only true Lord and Savior which can help stop this deadly virus?”

    The seeds fo your own destruction are found right here in what you’ve written (this is the way these things usually work), in this case by the glaring omission of two little, simple words that puts the obvious lie to everything you assert.

    The sentence in question should, MUST read, not “video for its airmen,” but video for SOME of its airmen (and women). Because not every member of the Air Force, or any of the other Armed Forces, share your religious convictions (though perhaps they may be more accurately described as religious bigotry).

    But this isn’t really about religion, or freedom of religion, is it? No, it’s about your imagined right to freedom of proselytization using the institutions of taxpayer-funded government, like the Armed Forces. Taxpayers whose beliefs run the gamut from evangelical Christians, to Jews, to Muslims, Sikhs, Mormons and Atheists. And their tax money is in the funding and operation of all these organs of government no less than yours.

    If you REALLY believed that your religion is the ultimate truth in this universe, then you’d also believe that people will discover and come to that ultimate truth in their own good time and own way — which would, at the very least, make their newfound faith all the stronger — BUT instead you insist on forcing your beliefs upon them. Do you not trust the very thing you profess to give your devotion? I think not. You betray a deep-seated doubt in its goodness and rightness, and instead use strong-arm tactics to expand the club to which you belong so as to reduce and eliminate the possibility that you will be confronted by observations that challenge your comfortably narrow view of life.

    So many issues really aren’t about the things that those who flog them claim they are. In this case, as noted above, it’s not about religion at all, but power and, even more basically, money. And your own insecurity.

    You and your motivations are as transparent as spring water, fella, though not a fraction as pure.

  2. SARSU

    What is with the last name Weinstein, they seem to be either bigots, degenerates or pedophiles.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    What’s with the name SARSU because they always miss the point, use words that are bigoted, homophobic, or racist, and always sound stupid?

    *A person can learn to not be ignorant. Stupidity is a choice.*

    Try to do better SARSU.

  4. G

    SARSU, where is your proof that a person’s name indicates that he/she is a bigot, degenerates or pedophiles?

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