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  1. SARSU

    Well it was not the video they took down, but I just posted an early spiritual fitness video the chaplain there made and posted it to their Facebook page. I will locate the one that was taken down and post it as well to their page and tweet it out as well.

  2. G

    Your videos will be taken down SARSU.

  3. SARSU

    No they won’t because I am a private citizen on a public FB page. Anyone has access to it.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    SARSU, you may be the dumbest person to comment, ever.

    You, a private citizen, posting about religion – ok, covered by First Amendment.

    Chaplain, military employee, posting on the Chaplains page about religion – ok, covered by First Amendment.

    Chaplain, military employee, posting about religion on an instillations front page – not covered by the First Amendment. Runs afoul of the Establishment Clause.

    Person of Authority, military employee, posting about religion on the instillations main page – not covered by the First Amendment. Runs afoul of the Establishment Clause.

    I’m typing the rest of my message extra slow so you can keep up.

    You do not have the right under the Constitution of the USA to push your religion to the general public while acting as a representative of that same government.

    You SARSU have been told this many times and yet you still claim ignorance. You come to gloat that you can do what you, citizen, have the right to do.

    Here’s a ‘what if’ – it is my sincerely held belief to harm those who’ve indicated they wish me death, even if the other person holds those death ideals as part of their sincerely held religious beliefs.

    The result of such an arrangement would be mass slaughter. It is why We The People agreed to give up our barbarism and agree to comply with a specific set of rules, in our case the Constitution.

    I’ve said it before and it bears repeating now – learn to share. The alternative may be extra crispy fun for me but it always ends in sadness and death.

  5. Wilson Warner

    For the extra slow ones in the audience: the concept behind the establishment clause is this, when the country was founded, the founding fathers did not want to repeat what they just dealt with with mother England, i.e. a marriage between church and state. They did not want to disenfranchise or exclude anyone based on religion or denomination. Our Founders were either deeply religious or deeply spiritual people, as seen in their own writings. They would have never imagined a world where Diety, by whatever name,was not acknowledged. They could not have imagined the total banishment of Diety from public life or public institutions. Anybody who says otherwise is simply a product of 70+ years of ideological manipulation away from founding principles. Their sheer ignorance on this matter is not necessarily their fault.
    If you want to know where they stood, simply read them. It really is all there.

  6. G

    Your videos will be taken down, SARSU.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    Wilson Warner,

    Please clarify – whose deity is deserving of inclusion in the public square? Yours? Mine? SARSU?

    What happens when one deity demands the death of the followers from another deity? What if a deity just demands the death of anyone who doesn’t follow said deity?

    I await your explanation for this ‘slow’ one.

    *The establishment clause has been tested by religious folks for a couple of centuries. For some reason these religious folk feel their adherence to dogma makes them morally superior. Too bad for them the light of facts proves them incorrect.

  8. william turner


  9. Romney Dickinson

    “When one diety demands the death of the followers of another diety. What if a diety demands the death of anyone who doesn’t follow said diety?” That would be called islam…..which is no religion. It is in FACT a death cult. Should b wiped from the face of the earth.

  10. Becky

    And I will repost. And I am a private citizen.

  11. Grey One talks sass

    Romney Dickinson, From your lips to your Gods ears as I was talking about extremists from all of the Children of Abraham.

    I’m reminded of a fable – the moral being don’t advocate punishment for your enemies while guilty of the same or worse.

  12. Grey One talks sass

    Becky, my reply to SARSU applies to you too. In fact, it is too kind as you could have read what I posted but you decided a ‘gotcha, I owned the libs’ moment was more important than acknowledging the facts.

    I’m sure when you die the deity who created you will be so pleased you ignored the message of the lord and savior you claim to worship. (That would be follow the rules of ones government and Learn to Share).

  13. Catherine Joyce Duncan

    I posted this to Mewe website.

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